Today's Forum for Dec. 21

"Congratulations to Cafe Ostro for being voted the No. 1 Mediterranean restaurant in the state of Georgia. We, the citizens of Dalton, are proud of you A.K."

"Who besides me thinks that most of the TV commercials are stupid, especially Liberty Mutual?"

"Nick Sandmann is slowly but surely winning huge lawsuits against giant media for portraying him as a smirking white racist without bothering to find the truth about that event. Maybe if Kyle Rittenhouse will do the same, 'journalists' will try to get to the truth before jumping to conclusions to fit their narrative."

"Nothing says 'Welcome to Dalton!' like a soothsayer, a smoke shop and a parlor featuring tattoos and piercings."

"Superintendent Mike Ewton must have a very good crystal ball if he already knows students, teachers and staff can come back to school after the holidays without masks. Maybe he can also tell us now what days are going to be snow days next year."

"Learn to be a smart shopper. Soup is $1 a can at some of the dollar stores."

"You can probably buy everything you need with the stores we have in Dalton as you can at a Publix."

"Chris Wallace is leaving Fox News for CNN. I thought he was already reporting for CNN the way it went."

"Biden and his administration's claim that these tornadoes are a result of climate change is nothing but a complete bunch of hogwash."

"So now we have Jen Psaki, the White House chief of staff, suggesting that children eat lunch outside at school in 40-degree weather. If these people had a brain, they would be dangerous."

"I couldn't agree more with the person who talked about these kids getting this money each month and Social Security people getting nothing practically. It's not fair, it shouldn't be done. These people who have children are able to get out of work. The ones that are drawing Social Security have put in their time, have paid their part. They deserve it but we can't get nothing extra like money every month for whatever reason. I don't understand it. I don't agree with it. It should be stopped."

"The comment about Marjorie Taylor Greene being the poison to national politics is totally wrong. I think they meant Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters."

"The people complaining about the HIPAA act not covering vaccine status, all of you all missed the point, which is the law should be amended so it does cover that. My vaccination status, or my other health status, is nobody's business but mine and I don't intend to tell anybody."

"The governors of New York and California are ridiculous with their mask mandates. No wonder people are moving out of their states in droves coming to Florida, Georgia and the rest of the states in the South where we've got common sense down here."

"It's the holiday season. Why can't people in the Forum be more cheerful instead of seemingly constantly dragging down everyone and everything they possibly can? You can't go through your life being angry or perturbed with everything."

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