Today's Forum for Dec. 23

"To the person worried about having to go to the DMV to get their driver's license renewed. I just recently had to go to that facility. I made an appointment, no crowds, everyone had on a mask. All staying far apart. They gave me a cleaning pad to clean the eye exam lens before my face touched it. I had no problems and at no time did I feel unsafe."

"To the Forum contributor who is unhappy about having to renew your license in person, may I make a recommendation? It’s worth the drive to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Rock Spring. They do require an appointment. They are also never as packed as the one here. Just look them up online."

Editor's note: According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, "All customers visiting a center must fill out the required license/ID/permit form and schedule an appointment. Once submitted, the form is valid for 60 days." You can find more information at

"People who don’t wear masks are my business. They’re everybody’s business. They’re selfishly endangering the health of others as well as prolonging the virus. Society works when we cooperate for the greater good."

"No, Jill Biden does not need to drop doctor from her name. If it's a man is it OK, like Dr. Henry Kissinger? I remember one of Dalton High School's teachers being called doctor. Get over it. Jill Biden worked hard for this title. Leave her alone."

"Yes, why, yes, Dr. Jill Biden has every right to call herself doctor and should do so proudly. Apparently you are another that is jealous she is so much smarter than you are. 'Doctor is a Latin word, and it was borrowed from Latin already formed, with a meaning, namely teacher.' The word is formed exactly the way teacher is: a verb root (English teach-, Latin doc-), plus an agentive suffix (English -er, Latin -tor)."

"I've got a title for Rich Manieri, but it's probably not printable ..."

"So I early voted last Friday and something interesting happened. When I presented my ID, the poll worker got my name and printed off my verification sheet. I had to correct them because my name was not right. After this was 'corrected,' I was given my ballot card and went and placed it into the machine. To my surprise, the readout stated and I quote, 'This card already has been used to cast a ballot.' Well, I was eventually given another card and cast my ballot. Something is really messed up with this voting system."

"Add some trees to Walnut Avenue. That’s the ticket, those elusive, $40,000-plus millennials won’t be able to resist that."

"It’s sad that some of the UGA players are opting out of the bowl game. I feel that the lack of team unity is part of Kirby’s problem. UGA is just a stepping stone to the pros and there is no love for the school or fans."

"I’m wondering if any of Nick Saban’s players would have opted out."

"I’m happy the hunters were found safe. It was a Christmas gift from God to them, their family and friends."

"That was a real good hatchet job you did on Kelly Loeffler. Congratulations."

"I'm not much of a fan of the Forum anymore since it turned totally Democratic."

"They took down Lee's statue and replaced it with someone else's statue. And that helped who? It helped to feed what child? It helped give what child a doctor's visit? It helped house what child? Who got any benefit from this?"

"I'm with Rand Paul. We're paying for gender studies in Pakistan? If we're going to do gender studies, we need to do it here in this country. This stimulus package is crazy, people. Do you realize who we are giving money to?"

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