Today's Forum for Dec. 24

"Happy holidays all!"

"I’m a Democrat who fully supports the party’s platform. Even though I’m in the loop, I never received the memo that wealth and capitalism are evil."

"If we do not get to the bottom of the Jan. 6 attempted coup and severely punish anyone involved, it will happen again."

"One good thing about the election of 2020 is that Pelosi, Schumer, 'The Squad' and their ilk are going back into the dustbins of politics."

"HIPAA doesn't need to cover your own decision to keep your health private. That's on you. You don't have to go to a concert that requires proof of vaccination."

"Yes, Trump is no longer president, but that doesn't mean he and his supporters can't express their opinions. Obama certainly did when he was just a 'citizen.'"

"When did they take dimmer switches off of automobiles and trucks?"

"The Biden administration can be summed up in four words: asleep at the wheel."

"It's evident that Joe Manchin is the only Democratic senator that has a lick of sense."

"The country should thank West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin for stopping the $2.1 trillion spending bill. At least someone is thinking about the future impact of all this debt on our children and grandchildren."

"To every Democrat out there, please read Biden's bill. If you read everything that was in it, I doubt if you would even vote for it."

"The caller was right. It's way too early to ease COVID restrictions now. With delta on the rise and a blizzard of activity expected with the omicron variant, you can't wish this away."

"Big government loves ill-informed subjects."

"These Democratic-run cities that are requiring vaccine passports for restaurants and nightclubs are going to completely kill their tourism industry. People are going to spend their money in places like Florida and Texas where they can enjoy themselves without unwarranted government intrusion."

"Does Dalton, Georgia, not have a noise ordinance anymore? The police need to start watching these people running red lights and speeding out Walnut Avenue."

"The person who said Trump would never be reelected, who do they have that can beat him? Mitch McConnell? Chris Christie? Kamala Harris?"

"Do not underestimate me. I know more than I say, I think more than I speak and notice more than you realize. Don't mistake my kindness for weakness."

"I wish Aaron Rodgers played for Atlanta and see how many teams he thought he owned then. I don't believe anybody could win with that bunch of misfits in Atlanta."

"I think the Georgia Bulldogs ought to fire Kirby Smart and maybe raid Bill Belichick's camp for former coaches that learned from Belichick. It's pretty clear that Kirby didn't learn anything from Nick Saban."

"The media keeps talking about a cream cheese shortage but the stores in Dalton have plenty. You have to wonder do they just make this stuff up to get a news story?"

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