Today's Forum for Dec. 26-27

"Should people who don’t wear masks receive the vaccine ahead of people who do?"

"To the person who doesn’t like the Forum because it 'turned Democratic,' I have a couple of thoughts. First, have you actually read it? There are plenty of right-wing viewpoints represented. Second, are you saying you only like to listen to those who agree with you and that the voices of those who don’t shouldn’t be heard? If so, I think it’s you that has a problem, not the Forum. Finally, the first definition of democratic is 'relating to democracy and its principles.' So, I guess since the paper insists on printing opinions of all sorts, and not just the ones in your echo chamber, they really are democratic. You got that part right."

"Shout-out to the Dalton City Council for utilizing a focused, structured budget-setting process! So happy to see the demise of the oft-used process of departments asking for more money than they ever spend and then bragging the next year about how they under-spent the budget."

"When do the Whitfield County educators get the COVID vaccine?"

"Along with the signs on storefronts that so many ignore, how about signs that also say 'If you enter this store without wearing a mask, the cashier will not check you out.' This is nonviolent policing in its simplest form. You can come in, but you aren’t buying anything until you show some care toward others. If they leave with items, simply call the law ... shoplifting."

"If Biden has a stammer, that's one thing and I know it can't be helped, however, I still don't think the man is capable of being president. I don't think he has the knowledge to be the president. You Trump haters got what you wanted so let's see how the next four years go. Good luck."

"To the person stating that they were going to have their license renewed, just a heads up. When I went to have mine renewed, they took a sanitizing wipe and rubbed all around where you would put your face for the eye exam. I think they're trying to do what they can there."

"This is for all you gripers in the paper and the Forum. Try praying to God. I think that will help more than anything. He's about the only one that's going to straighten it out now."

"The Republican fuss about Jill Biden's doctorate degree is nothing more than hillbilly ignorance."

"My New England Patriots fan has disappeared on me. Where has he been? Oh, by the way, the Dolphins beat them this past Sunday. Just wanted him to know."

"'Saturday Night Live' goes too far. It's irreverent for right now, or anytime, and it's irrelevant. You have children watching this garbage. I only wish I could live long enough to see it go off the air."

"Just want to say thank you for the good puzzles that were in the paper today. I'm 96 and I had a lot of fun."

"I'm praying to God that the two Georgia senators win the election so they can tie Joe Biden's hands for the next four years."

"President Trump lost the election handily, and Kelly Loeffler is fully aware of it. She is deliberately misleading her supporters, the voters of Georgia, and that doesn't say much for her integrity, or lack thereof."

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