Today's Forum for Dec. 29

"I wish every day was Christmas Day so we could have nothing but positive comments in the Forum! That was such a welcome respite from the political bickering that permeates the Forum."

"In response to the tornado in Kentucky in 1974, was it an EF-3 or an EF-4 and was it in December? This makes a lot of difference."

"Rising inflation, skyrocketing prices and workers quitting their jobs by the millions are happening around the world. It’s fallout from COVID. Quit blaming Biden. If anyone is to blame it’s the folks who initially declared COVID a hoax, refused to act responsibly and stay home, won’t wear masks and won’t get vaccinated. In other words, the folks who are blaming Biden."

"To the person that said that Republicans are very angry and perturbed, let me tell you something. For over four years President Trump was blasted by the media every single day with lies. Russian collusion, Ukrainian garbage, everything. That's why we're mad."

"To the person that said Liz Cheney is not a RINO, they better look up the definition of RINO. Two of the biggest RINOs: Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney."

"The windstorm that we had on Dec. 11 knocked out my landline that I had only had for a month. I called customer service and within five minutes they had restored my dial tone. Moreover, they sent a technician out on the 13th to troubleshoot that and also to see why I was having problems with static on the line. They couldn't have been any more friendly, courteous or cooperative. When you are old or have health issues like I do your telephone line is a lifeline. If you work for the phone company and are reading this, I thank you and want to wish you a very happy New Year."

"I wish some newspaper would actually have the truth to print the whole bill that Biden is wanting to pass. There's so much garbage there that I think if the people actually read the bill they'd be opposed to it, too."

"The American people should personally thank Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. They're the only thing standing between lunacy and fiscal restraint."

"As of Monday, 790 children ages 0-18 have died from COVID. What's the minimum for those who don't care to start caring? Put a number on them. Put a percentage on them. What's your number, anti-science crowd?"

"To the post in the Forum about where is the statue of Joseph Johnston, well, you won't see Joe out front. He's in the back of the house so you need to drive around there if you want to see Joseph Johnston."

"I hope everybody stays safe on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Please remember not to drink or drive."

"Why are Democrat-run cities always the first to impose mask mandates and the last to lift them? Guess they like the nanny state. Boy, could I tell their nannies a thing or two."

"I am in utter shock that the Atlanta Falcons have won seven games this season with the terrible players they have. Somehow they are still in the playoff hunt."

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