Today's Forum for Dec. 30

"What happened to Trump's demands to cut pork and for $2,000 to citizens? Sure didn't take him long to roll over on that."

"Mitch McConnell should be long gone. What a hypocrite! How about Trump, Pence and Mnuchin vacationing at their second or third homes while millions lose unemployment benefits? Unemployment brought on by Trump’s inadequate response to COVID. Shame on them!"

"With already the highest COVID case counts in North Georgia, I hope that preparations are being made for the aftermath of Trump’s upcoming superspreader event."

"I'm 72 years young with underlying medical conditions and I requested an absentee ballot for the Jan. 5 election from the Georgia elections officials. I received an email from BallotTrax notification that Murray County elections office mailed my ballot on Dec. 2. I still have not received a ballot as of Dec. 29. Because of COVID will I be denied a vote this coming election?"

"How can anyone not be outraged about the so-called COVID relief spending bill? I’m proud to be an American, but I’m ashamed of my government! Congress is a bunch of thieves!"

"Perdue and Loeffler are suddenly radical liberals who now support redistributing everyone else's hard-earned money to lazy people who didn't work for it. Wonder why they didn't until Tuesday? Gee, such a mystery!"

"For all the complaints about 'socialism' I've never heard of a farmer in Whitfield turning down crop subsidies."

"On Jan. 20 at 12:01 a.m., Fox News and other conservative news outlets will start showing serious concern about the COVID-19 death rate, the deficit, government accountability and oversight, morality, family values, you know, all of the things they've been ignoring for the past four years. Just giving everybody out there a heads up."

"I will ask again, if the Supreme Court cannot hear a case between two states such as Texas suing Georgia, why even have the Supreme Court?"

"I just received my telephone book. That's the poorest excuse for a telephone book I've ever seen. Don't they know that the older people have trouble seeing even with glasses on? I can't imagine putting out a telephone book that looks like a TV Guide."

"I want to thank the gentleman over at United Grocery for paying for my groceries Monday."

"Our fine Democratic candidates are accusing our fine Republican candidates for what you would call insider trading. Did not Martha Stewart serve some time in prison for doing the same thing? So if they're inside stock trading why aren't they being prosecuted and in jail?"

"Melania Trump did a great job decorating the White House. She's a beautiful, talented lady with exquisite taste and style."

"I'd rather have hillbilly ignorance than to profess to be wise and become a fool."

"I believe that if Doug Collins was the Republican nominee for senator instead of Kelly Loeffler that he'd be leading in the polls and winning the election."

"This is the Patriots fan. Maybe I'm down one year. You Dolphins boys, it's not 1972. You ain't going undefeated. I'll catch up with you. Do what you do this year but I'll be back with you next year."

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