Today's Forum for Feb. 23

"Kudos to Dalton Utilities and the Dalton Police Department for keeping us all safe and sane for over 18 hours as they replaced a broken power pole, restrung high-voltage power lines, restored our power and rerouted traffic on Walnut Avenue. They deserve our gratitude and our thanks! We appreciate you!"

"I awakened around 3:30 Saturday morning and realized that our power was off. I called Dalton Utilities to learn that their dedicated linemen were already on the job, braving freezing temperatures and a 10-degree wind chill to restore electricity to our homes and businesses. Thank you to all of the men and women at Dalton Utilities who make our lives more comfortable!"

"I went in the Dalton Mall today for the first time in over a year. What a beautiful transformation! The designers chose to celebrate Dalton with huge photographs of our past and present. Fresh new carpet. Go take a look and shop while you are there. Let's support these local businesses."

"Laugh of the day! 'It is such a delightful change to see a White House press secretary knowledgeably answer questions.' I’ll have to circle back to you on that one."

"The last White House press secretary is a Harvard Law School graduate. To suggest she is not knowledgeable is silly."

"Random thought: If a prolonged cold spell hit the state of Florida like the one that blasted Texas, would folks all over the country demand hides be nailed to the wall for failure to prepare in advance for such a disaster?"

"The amount of media coverage of Ted Cruz’s trip to Mexico is absolutely astounding. Now compare that with the near-zero coverage of the thousands of needless deaths of the elderly because of orders from Gov. Cuomo of New York that resulted from his orders to put patients with COVID-19 into nursing homes."

"Ted Cruz claimed he was being a good parent by taking his daughters to Cancun for a vacation while people all over Texas were suffering. If he was really a good parent, he would have had his little princesses out helping give out water, blankets and food. That would have been the best lesson they could have learned."

"FDR didn’t take your guns, Harry Truman didn’t take your guns, JFK didn’t take your guns, LBJ didn’t take your guns, Jimmy Carter didn’t take your guns, Bill Clinton didn’t take your guns, Barack Obama didn’t take your guns. Joe Biden is not going to take your guns."

"It seems the whole world, minus the Republican Party, knows that global warming is real and caused by human activity. Trump is guilty of inciting insurrection and sedition, and democracies thrive when everyone votes."

"I don’t agree with Kasey Carpenter very often but I do think DACA students should pay in-state tuition. But, I also think they need to become citizens to quality for in-state tuition but at a reduced cost."

"The amendment being proposed in the city (page 8A on Feb. 20-21) should be proposed in the county as well. It would give code enforcement officers power to clean up unsightly properties that are out of control in Whitfield County."

"I’m not sure whether to be amused or to feel pity on the Marjorie Taylor Greene fans who think she’s going to 'sock it to ‘em.' She’s basically a lame duck who will accomplish nothing. Authoring antagonistic and unsupportable bills is all just sound and fury signifying nothing. MTG supporters, that means the dog is barking her head off but she has no teeth to bite with. It’s sad that you think she will accomplish anything at all other than taking money from the simple."

"To the eye roller: Trump's executive actions were constitutional as are Biden's. In today's gridlock, executive actions are a useful tool to try and get at least some of your policies implemented. Trump was a would-be dictator because he tried to use intimidation and fear to get what he wanted. The best example of this was his attempt to get Pence to stop the certification of the electoral votes. He then failed to do anything to protect his own vice president from the mob."

"I know that comment about leaving wrestling alone came from Jamie Jones!"

Editor's note: Ha! I can't claim that comment, but I do agree that wrestling is real. To an extent ...

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