Today's Forum for Jan. 1/2

"Congratulations for a job well done to the people at Providence Ministries. The food was delicious in the to-go plates and it was just the right amount. Many of us wouldn't have had a Thanksgiving or a Christmas dinner if it wasn't for this service."

"Just read my paper on Christmas Day and I was so happy to read the Forum. Thank you for printing the wonderful comments. They were all thankful and happy and I appreciate so much reading them on this day. Thank you to the Daily Citizen-News and to the people that sent them in."

"President Biden stated during his campaign that President Trump didn't deserve to be president because of COVID deaths. But under Biden, with vaccines, more people have died of COVID than under Trump without vaccines. Neither was or is responsible for COVID. Trump deserves credit for investing $18 billion in Operation Warp Speed which produced two very effective vaccines in under a year. Prior, the fastest vaccine receiving approval was for mumps and it took four years."

"Donald Trump may not have made people hate, but he for sure made them more willing to admit it."

"So the Dalton City Council is spending up to $8 million on the Market Street project but can't find the money to extend sidewalks on both sides of the street all the way out Morris Street? We see where the City Council's priorities are, and it's not with the folks on the east side of town."

"Yes, kudos to the Dalton City Council for the 'no parking' signs on the hilly, dangerous stretch on Castle Road. Now, we need the Dalton Police Department to enforce it. Cars are frequently sitting in that no parking zone. It's a hazardous situation, and the police need to do something about it as soon as possible."

"Well, the lowly Falcons found someone they could beat: the lowly Detroit Lions."

"Dr. Fauci is power hungry. He would make a great dictator."

"I was standing in line the other day to order food. I stepped up closer to this young man that was behind me and he was wearing a face mask and I told him he could go in front of me. He lost it. He went screaming and yelling and telling me I was trying to give him the COVID and stay away from him. I was aghast. Now what made him be that way?"

"The Shugart Road Walmart has oodles and oodles of cream cheese. And no, I was not accusing the local papers of making it up, I was accusing the national news media of making it up. You are like most people in Dalton. You always read things into my comments that aren't there."

"Talking about cream cheese and cranberry sauce and where you can find it and how much it costs, that's just taking up space in the Forum."

"Jan. 6 and the Civil War are just the same. No matter how I feel about it, it's in the past. There's nothing I can do about it. Let's move on."

"Has anyone else had trouble with 411? I find that a useless number to call. They will not do it right, ever."

"I just received my propane bill for this month. Almost $500. Thank you, Joe Biden. I hope you're impeached when the Republican Party takes over. You are a disaster for this country."

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