Today's Forum for Jan. 11

"Only one person in the 14th Congressional District benefits from Marjorie Taylor Greene's work … Marjorie Taylor Greene."

"I would make one change in the Murray County Democratic Committee ad on page 3 regarding the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. I think it would be safe to change 'extremists' to 'Republicans.' Why label all Republicans extremists? Because, other than Liz Cheney and a few others, no one has come forward to condemn their actions. I've heard nothing from the local Republican Party other than an initial reaction saying that there was a sweet spirit in the air. The Capitol Police must not have had their sniffers turned on when their colleagues were beaten and killed."

"Kudos to the Murray County Democratic Committee for submitting the ad stating a very important fact about the insurrection."

"Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor deserves four Pinocchios with a 'pants on fire' thrown in for her false claim about the number of children hospitalized and on ventilators from COVID and its omicron variant."

"Let me get this straight. You'll only join social media if the government starts regulating it? That way there will be free speech? Also, which is it? Do we trust the government or do we not? I can't remember."

"Let's make sure we have our facts straight when discussing the 5-year-old removed from a restaurant in New York for not having a vaccine passport. The mom took her 5-year-old to the restaurant knowing she and her child would be thrown out for not having a vaccine passport and hoping to cause a scene. She knew the child would garner sympathy. Regardless of how you feel about vaccine requirements, there is only one person to blame for any undue emotional harm done to that child, and that is the mother. She sacrificed her child on the altar of politics."

"At the 'Welcome to Dalton' sign there on Thornton, you need to do something about those trees. They are pitiful. They look fine in late spring/summer, but fall/winter they look horrible. So you need to redo that if you're going to redo West Walnut."

"I wish someone would pay attention to the trash on Fields Road. I've never seen it so bad. I hope someone will take care of that situation."

"Republicans are not trying to undermine your right to vote! They are only trying to enforce valid IDs, citizenship and those who have a legal right to vote. Not illegals, felons and dead people. Get real and stop stirring up controversy that is unwarranted."

"If people want to write about cream cheese, cranberry sauce or any other food items, it's fine by me. It means the paper has less room to write about COVID and Democrat/Republican politics."

"I agree with the caller that says Dalton is becoming one of the worst cities to drive or live in. People don't have any respect for others."

"I think the reason things aren't priced in convenience stores so you can see it before you check out is because I think they think when you come in there and you buy something that you must really need it so you're going to pay whatever you have to pay to get it."

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