Today's Forum for Jan. 12

"Just want to say a big thank you to the Pye family and the family on Lewell Street for providing great holiday light shows for Dalton every year. It is really appreciated!"

"Do you really want the government mandating that you have to let people use your private property for their own speech?"

"This is to the woman driving the black Tahoe Saturday around noon time or so going from Cleveland Highway south down through Glenwood Avenue. Your tailgating, weaving in and out and waving your hands for drivers in front of you to get out of your way could have had serious consequences had you caused a wreck. Many other drivers witnessed your dangerous behavior. Next time, do us safe drivers a favor and leave home an hour earlier."

"Republicans, quit trying to tell the Democrats what's wrong with Biden when you've got this enormous, orange elephant in the room that tried to overthrow the greatest democracy in the world just to nurse his tiny, bruised ego."

"I have seen some stories in the paper about places for high school girls to get gently used prom dresses for good prices or sometimes free. Just in case prom season is going to happen this year, can someone tell us where to look this year? Thanks!"

"Wendy's has great chili for a great price. It's really good on a cold night!"

"Recently received a letter from Marjorie Taylor Green extolling her accomplishments. What immediately came to my mind was the quote from 'Macbeth': 'A tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.' She certainly has accomplished two things: making noise and cashing her government check. We deserve better."

"Way to go Dawgs! Congratulations!"

"Georgia votes for Biden, elects two Democratic senators and then UGA wins the championship? Coincidence? I think not!"

"Way to go, Dawgs! But, halftime? What does Katy Perry have to do with college football? Maybe not as good as my University of Tennessee band, but I'll bet the UGA band is pretty good! Those young people work hard, and we don't get to see good marching bands on TV anymore. Think I'll write ESPN!"

"Where are all of the UGA and Kirby Smart haters in the Forum now? All I head is chirping crickets."

"Looks like Kirby was pretty 'Smart' this time."

"That was a great game Monday night for Georgia and Alabama. It's a crying shame that a lot of Alabama and Georgia fans didn't get to watch it because it was on ESPN. Now that is a shame because a lot of your Alabama and Georgia fans canceled their cable subscription when COVID came along. It's all about the money!"

"You want to know about something looking bad? I don't know about Fields Road, I don't go over that way. However, if you want to see something that looks bad, go over to West Hill Cemetery and look at the far end side. That's an eyesore right there."

"Parents, please wake up and dress your children appropriately for the weather. Bed them in cribs with warm blankets. They need warmth and so do the elderly."

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