Today's Forum for Jan. 12

"If I'm not mistaken, President Trump leaves office in two weeks. Why start impeachment proceedings, wasting time and no telling how much money, when he'll be back in the private sector? Oh yeah, I guess they think they can take his title away, but he'll always be addressed as President Donald J. Trump. Sad day, Nancy."

"I was underwhelmed when I read the responses from our local elected representatives to the storming of the Capitol this week. Georgia Sen. Payne's response was to 'pray,' which is good advice at a personal level but inadequate for an elected representative responding to a national crisis. Sen. Payne should have condemned this and all violence and called for reasoned debate about the issues that divide us as a nation. Now is not the time for half-hearted platitudes and cowardly statements from our elected officials. It is a time for our leaders at all levels to step up and lead."

"Hard truth: Twitter, Facebook, nor any privately owned entity, owes you a platform. Nor should they put up with your temper tantrums when you abuse the terms of service."

"Amen to Brenda Mathis Bramlett’s letter to the editor. Well said!! Joe and Kamala will offer nothing but more oppression."

"Every person that supported Trump should publicly apologize. Trump has never been fit to be president, and for his attempted coup Wednesday he should be tried for treason. Supporters aren’t patriots and do not support the Constitution. Stop the delusion if you mentally can."

"To the Christian conservative who is not afraid to speak up for all that is right and true, I’m glad to hear you say that. What’s your take on putting children into cages? Asking for a friend. And do not reply with 'Obama built those cages.' That doesn’t answer my question. If all that is right and true aligns exactly with one political party, you’ve got some serious soul searching to do. And perhaps a bit of Bible reading."

"Election rules in Georgia were changed which resulted in favoring one party over another. These illegal changes must be reversed by our elected officials in order to restore confidence in the election process. Please join me in contacting your Georgia senators and representatives to let them know that their jobs are on the line if they do not act to correct these irregularities which will help restore confidence in the outcome of our elections."

"I want to thank those of you who voted in the presidential and Georgia Senate elections. Our fathers, sons and daughters serve in the military in order to give us that right and some of them lost their lives defending that right. Shame on those of you who did not vote! You don't deserve the right to call yourselves Americans!"

"The election is over. Please take down your signs and banners. Trump, Loeffler and Perdue lost. Trump incited an insurrection against the nation’s legislative body and his own vice president (many of whom you elected into office) over an election that has been ruled by the courts to be free, fair and without fraud. Turn your attention from mob anger to peace. Do you actually think Trump will be there to support and aid his supporters who attacked the Capitol and sought to find and execute the vice president and other elected officials? Of course not; you are but a cog in his wheel of self-absorption!"

'"I would like to know if any of the people who are running to fill Roger Crossen’s commissioner’s seat believe in science?"

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