Today's Forum for Jan. 14

"City and county friends: Please, let’s put all partisan fighting aside and focus on making sure every registered voter’s vote is counted, and we can be the democracy we are meant to be. Please call or write your representatives and senator to tell them that. Thank you."

"People are frustrated and talking about when are we going to get back to normal, and won't get vaccinated or wear a mask to accomplish this. Don't they understand that won't happen unless they get vaccinated and wear a mask? Come on, people, this ain't rocket science."

"One at a time at the stop sign in Dawnville at the intersection of Highway 286 and Dawnville and Beaverdale."

"The way the economy, infrastructure and education are going now, I would be tickled pink to see an orange elephant somewhere."

"What is the reason Medicare will not pay for at-home COVID tests? Other insurance companies are paying for the at-home, rapid COVID tests. Thank you."

"I agree with the commenter about the West Hill Cemetery needing attention. The section over by Suitcase Simpson Drive gets intense flooding every time we get a good rain. The ditches and drains really need to be cleared up."

"The city has tried to get people whose loved ones are buried at West Hill to do the right thing and follow the rules and regulations they agreed upon. I recall seeing a lengthy write-up in the paper a while back about the cemetery rules. If people would do what they were supposed to do there wouldn't be an issue. It's a very touchy subject and our city is treading lightly as to not offend anyone."

"Wow, according to David Bean Joe Biden's got this country running smooth as clockwork."

"I don't see how Biden can be blamed when people aren't wearing masks, when the governors are fighting against mask mandates and then the people are letting these children go back to school without masks. I'm telling you people, and mark my word as God as my witness, this is going to be a tragedy for these school systems. It's already happening out here in public. Please obey the guidelines and wear those masks."

"The main thing wrong with the Republican Party is they turn on each other."

"I see where Olive Garden is thinking about moving to Dalton, which is great. Olive Garden is a good restaurant. But why does everything have to be there on the west side of Dalton? I mean, you've got all of the restaurants down there. Is it because of the interstate or what? I don't think distance would matter to anybody with Olive Garden whether it's on the east side of town or wherever. Just saying, it would be nice to get something on this side of Walnut Avenue instead of the far side."

"I was proud to get Marjorie Taylor Greene's letter stating things she had done since she got elected. Made me proud that I voted for her."

"To the person who said the government Army should shut down Twitter and Instagram. That would be great. Maybe the next step is the Army will shut down your church or the Army will shut down your favorite restaurant. You know, it's not a big leap from one to the other."

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