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“This newspaper fact-checks all letters. For sure, in the land of Marjorie Taylor Greene the truth didn’t win nor will it ever win a debate.”

“Does anyone know if President Biden’s attorneys and the FBI agents sent to retrieve classified documents were cleared to handle high-level classified documents? I can’t find that information.”

“The claim that Eli Manning was a better NFL quarterback than Peyton Manning is certainly a hot take.”

“How high are rents going to have to go before someone does something? An ordinary two-bedroom, one-bath house is on the market for $1,200 a month on my street and it’s not even in good shape. For that price at least in Chattanooga you would get a swimming pool and a tennis court. In Dalton, you’re lucky to get a roof over your head and it probably leaks and the pipes probably freeze up in the winter.”

“Don’t you Democrats know that Biden is not caring about the American people? He’s only out for himself because why not? He gets everything that he needs for free. Plus, when he gets out of the office of president look at the money he would draw. He doesn’t care about us. No. He just is looking after Joe Biden.”

“Now you don’t think there will be a Mar-a-Lago type raid on Biden, do you?”

“After fouling up royally on immigration, crime, gas prices, baby formula, inflation, Afghanistan, infrastructure, debt, interest rates and border security, is there anything left for Joe Biden to mess up? There’s a one-word answer: probably.”

“Thank God Republicans took the House back from Nancy Pelosi and the Washington crooks.”

“I noticed in the Forum people complaining about their power bill going up. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s my water bill that goes up in the wintertime and I ain’t figured that out. I don’t leave water running when it gets cold and in the summertime I use water to water my garden. It just don’t make sense.”

“Why are there so many ads on TV that just make your skin crawl? Just like old Jonathan with Colonial Penn, the dudes wanting to buy your house, the shower tub installation, car care insurance with Ric Flair and all those other nobodies and the Tennessee Lottery girl.”

“This is a legitimate question to everyone that is opposed to guns: What is your answer? Please, real answers only.”

“The left is destroying this country. If you can’t see that you have major problems.”

“This is to the person in the Forum that doesn’t believe we need 87,000 new IRS agents. Have you tried to get a call to the IRS? I know someone who did, and it took a week to get their problem solved. Years ago I had an IRS agent come to my door wanting to know if I had written this check to a business. Yes, I did, and this businessperson spent time in prison for tax evasion. I don’t doubt that the reason we have so many cheaters is they can’t be caught because we don’t have enough IRS agents. So some are penny-pinchers. It’s the reason the rich aren’t paying their fair share.”

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