Today's Forum for Jan. 2

"I really enjoyed John Stossel's column in the Friday Daily Citizen-News. I agree with him 100%. We've all got things to be thankful for. 2020 had some bad things but it also had some good things, too."

"The people angry Texas can't sue Georgia over how we run our elections would be furious if California sued us over our lax gun laws."

"Can we please have Gov. Kemp and Marla Maples introduce President Trump at this rally?"

"The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's photos of David Perdue’s event at Kasey Carpenter’s business, in which almost no one was wearing a mask or practicing social distancing, serves as a preview for what to expect at Trump’s upcoming dog and pony show."

"It would be enlightening for the Whitfield County Health Department to let the public know what is being planned for the administration of the COVID vaccine. A daily status, in outline form, should be published each day. Get moving and keep it simple."

"I'm a 79-year-old person. How and when will I be notified regarding my COVID shot vaccine?"

"Where will the COVID vaccine be given? Surely we can schedule a time/place to receive it. There will be bedlam if there is no plan."

"I’m not saying that police officers and first responders don’t deserve to be among the first to receive the COVID vaccine, but I think it’s ridiculous that teachers aren’t on the list, too. We are exposed to large numbers of people from a cross section of the community every day. If our jobs are so important that we are asked to risk exposure on a daily basis, aren’t we important enough to be included in round 1?"

"Mitch McConnell is a classic example of running with the fox and chasing with the hounds. He definitely needs to go!"

"We have elected Mr. Biden as our future president. Now is the time to support him by electing two Democrats to the U.S. Senate. If we fail to do this, our votes for Biden may amount to very little."

"Mr. Editor, you could be a Facebook fact-checker judging from the way you split hairs over Obama and Trump releasing criminals. Which of the ones released would you want for a neighbor or driving your children’s school bus?"

"I wish the editor would quit trying to correct people in the Forum. No one elected him or appointed him as a schoolteacher."

"Just a question. We can put a man on the moon and we can have a vaccine for coronavirus in nine months. How come we can't cure cancer?"

"Regarding the person complaining about the Dalton phone book, I couldn't agree more. There's a lot more to the issue here. The phone book is supposed to be a reference book. It never has been that in Dalton, at least in the 30 years I've lived here. My mother used to make her entire Christmas list from the Charlotte phone book and never had an error. By the time you found out in Dalton how the darn number was listed, you could go to the place and talk to them in person if you had a car, which I used to do. End of story."

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