Today's Forum for Jan. 4

"There are 435 members of the House of Representatives. What one member either proposes or votes on is actually irrelevant."

"Some callers have asked if Marjorie Taylor Greene has done anything productive for the people who elected her. The answer is no. Instead, she has spent her time play acting for the cameras —performing feigned outrage towards nonexistent enemies, while simultaneously discouraging her constituents from taking the steps necessary to protect themselves against a highly contagious and potentially deadly virus."

"One marvelous thing Marjorie Taylor Greene has done for the voters of the 14th District was drawing up articles of impeachment for the current resident in the White House. That way they will be there when they are needed."

"Marjorie Taylor Greene should spend less time tweeting and more time studying what the First Amendment really means concerning free speech."

"Jan. 6 was in the past, let’s just move on? I would be inclined to agree with you except for the fact that actual crimes against the American people appear to have been committed, or at the very least instigated and supported, by a sitting president. I don’t think this is an 'Oh well, what’s done is done' sort of moment. I think we need to be certain just what went on and deal with it accordingly."

"Never forget the enemies of democracy tried to steal it at the Capitol on Jan. 6."

"My wish for 2022 is that the American electorate will get informed about the issues facing our country and who stands for what and vote for what is best for our country and not just vote for party."

"I have lived in Dalton practically my whole life and have never seen this city in the bad shape that it's in. People are so selfish. They won't use blinkers, they run traffic lights, they won't get vaccinated or wear masks. They have no respect for others, it's becoming one of the worst cities to drive or live in."

"So, the plan is to divert traffic from West Walnut onto Dug Gap Road? Well, thanks for that. Dug Gap Road has issues of its own with overuse by nonresidents, and I won't even get into the mess that is the shopping center outlet driveways. Yeah, thanks for making the lives and daily routines better for those of us residing in the Dug Gap area. Guess we better up our life insurance and car insurance limits."

"The $8 million plan to revitalize the area of West Walnut Avenue from I-75 to Dug Gap Road is certainly ambitious. I truly hope it attracts new and more businesses to that area. That area is one of the first that people see when they get off I-75 and we need to spruce it up and make it appealing to visitors."

"Georgia and Alabama are playing again for the national championship. Georgia fans, does this feel like the nightmare that just won't end?"

"The Atlanta Falcons missed the playoffs again, and all is right with the world."

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