Today's Forum for Jan. 5

"The election is Tuesday. Get ready. Put your shoes on."

"Putin and our other enemies are licking their chops at the divided states of America. All thanks goes to Donald and his minions."

"I cannot believe that an adult doesn’t understand how much the world has changed in the last 30 years. You can Google almost anyone in the world, and yet you are sitting in the dark and complaining about a free phone book."

"We’d have a cure for cancer if we gave all of the money to St. Jude instead of the corrupt, overseas countries."

"It's time to get serious about excluding Notre Dame from the College Football Playoff until they join a conference."

"Eight pages in the front section of the Saturday edition of the Daily Citizen-News; almost two pages taken up by obituaries. That’s almost 25%. Wake up, people. We’re in the midst of a pandemic and you’re out there acting as though everything is normal. Yikes!"

"I have never seen a more blatant exploitation of someone’s death than Dick Polman’s column. To use the death of Luke Letlow from COVID-19 to advance his own political agenda was vile and disgusting. This is a new low even for Mr. Polman. He doesn’t deserve a column in this paper or a place in the public discourse anymore!"

"It was wonderful to read a somewhat compassionate article by Dick Polman about the needless death of Luke Letlow. He made a good case about how wearing a mask could have possibly prevented it. Polman was able to show sympathy despite all the hate Trump innuendos."

"Dick Polman tells it like it is. Michael Reagan, not so much."

"I agree completely with Dick Polman’s column in Saturday’s paper. I cannot understand why so many people are denying common sense and then suffering the consequences."

"Kudos to Kroger for switching to reusable plastic bags. I challenge all customers to reuse them. Each of us must do what we can to be good stewards of our environment."

"Mr. Editor, trust me, most of us — well at least the ones that like fair and honest — appreciate you correcting people's misspoken #altfacts. I have found from experience we can ruin the Republicans because they fear facts more than anything else in the world."

"Are people really mad that the editor occasionally corrects a misconception or clarifies someone’s point in the Forum? That just proves that there are an awful lot of people who are perfectly happy to be wrong as long as we say they are right. Not me. If I’m the emperor, I’d like to be told I’m wearing no clothes. I guess the editor can just decide not to print your opinion if it is in need of some clarification."

"I demand the editor print this thing I found on a random Facebook page without fact-checking it! How dare you sully my mindless propaganda with the truth!"

"I wish reporters, especially reporters on television, would understand that we're listening to hear what the person you're interviewing has to say. We care very little what you as a reporter thinks. Let the people you're interviewing talk."

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