Today's Forum for Jan. 6

"I am an Army and Marine veteran in my 70s and I want to commend the United States Postal Service and their political hacks. I requested absentee ballots for the Jan. 5 election and received an email from BallotTrax notification that my ballot was mailed on Dec 2. I have yet to receive my and my wife's ballot. I commend them for what foreign actors have tried and failed to accomplish over the years and that is to deny our vote."

"Can we talk Whitfield County appearance pride for a minute? Whatever you think of Trump, we knew he was coming to Dalton's airport for a pre-election rally. Why is the road to the airport such a littered embarrassment? It's time for Whitfield County to join with the city of Dalton to clean up our community."

"The president of the United States said that 'We will always respect our flag.' Yet people in the audience at his rally Monday night were wearing the flag over their shoulders; there’s nothing more disrespectful than displaying the flag on the body. That’s nowhere in the code of how the flag is supposed to be displayed. Argh!"

"Thousands pack Dalton airport to hear Trump spread more lies, give false hope to his supporters and they believe every word. I wouldn't walk across the street to hear him.''

"Mr. Editor, please continue to correct incorrect statements, etc. You help stop the spreading of fake news. Thank you."

"One cannot hope to follow the Magi in a MAGA hat."

"I wonder if the health department would train, equip and cover salaries for the Blood Assurance buses and nurses with vaccine and record keeping equipment and if Blood Assurance would agree to set up at truck stops to vaccinate truck stop staff and truckers with a CDL as they pull in to refuel and spend the night."

"Does anyone know of anyone who was attacked coming back from the Trump rally Monday night or any looting, burning or destruction of property? Those Trump supporters seem to be decent, law-abiding citizens."

"Despite all his 'redeeming virtues,' Kemp could have called an emergency session of the Georgia legislature to get this election mess settled. For the most part, he did not address the concerns of the voters who felt they had been disenfranchised. I will definitely be voting Democrat in the next gubernatorial election."

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