Today's Forum for Jan. 8/9

"It does not surprise me that only three Republicans attended the services at the Capitol Thursday commemorating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack. They are such weak, little beings who don’t understand the attack was on them as well."

"Democracy or democratic republic. Whatever you want to call it, you’re just pulling the rug over the same problem. There are Republican candidates running for office who have openly admitted their willingness to undermine yours, mine, people in Montana, people in Maine, this generation’s and future generations' right to vote. At the local, state and federal levels. You may not care for a single thing the other side wants from a policy standpoint, but if Republican voters do not stand up against candidates who seek to erode the foundations of government ... then it won’t matter what policies you stand for, because your voice will no longer matter."

"There is a scam in Dalton. I have been called twice. The caller says he is from Amazon. He states that there is a suspicious charge of $1,000 on the card associated with Amazon and wants you to verify the credit card number. Hang up! Amazon will not call and request information over the phone."

"After such a disastrous year like 2021, I can't believe you would even think about voting for a Democratic politician."

"I just want to know why we have so many bowl games. When I was growing up there wasn't about just two or three bowl games. Now, I'm waiting on the Toilet Bowl. Can someone let me know when it's coming on, what channel?"

"I think Kirby Smart would be wise to get the Texas A&M game film where they beat Alabama and also where Auburn played them and had them beat within two minutes left in the game. But I don't think Kirby is too smart."

"It takes a lot to shock an old-timer like me, but sending cops into a restaurant to enforce a vaccine passport for a 5-year-old kid as recently happened in New York City was enough to make my stomach turn. In addition to traumatizing this child, he is probably going to hate cops for the rest of his life and you have to think about the policemen who would be willing to enforce something like this. Don't they have children at home of their own? We have turned into a country of cowards who won't stand up for our own freedoms and liberties."

"Don't tell me we're going to have to start listening to those Medicare commercials again. I thought that was over with in December. If people hadn't learned by now what they can do, then I don't know what to say because it's been on there constantly for months."

"I'll participate in social media only when the government starts regulating the suspension and blocking of people's accounts. If that day never comes, then I'll be the last person on Earth that doesn't have social media. I will not be a party to censoring people's speech."

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