Today's Forum for July 1

"Two senior ladies would like to thank the nice couple that paid for our food at the East Walnut Avenue Waffle House Monday morning! May God bless you."

"Congrats to the Mississippi House for voting to remove the Confederate battle emblem from their state flag. Dalton, it’s time to move the statue."

"Please get some talking points that make sense. No one is trying to erase history, but they do want to correct history and put it in its proper perspective. Southern generals fought against the government of the United States in order to uphold the institution of slavery. Heroes? Perhaps, but only to those who believed in their deplorable cause."

"We're not 'still fighting the Civil War.' We're fighting to make sure history is properly taught, and part of that is tearing down monuments to racists bent on the destruction of our country. Put Sherman up there if you want to teach history."

"Trump has denied being briefed on so many things you begin to wonder what does he know. Just another coronavirus hoax, I guess. Putin’s lapdog."

"Republican, Democrat, left, right, mask, no mask. Can we all just agree that cats shouldn’t be allowed to roam freely and do their business in neighbors' yards and flower beds?"

"Saying that wearing a mask for the benefit of yourself and everyone else in the community is somehow giving up your freedom is beyond ridiculous. You accept that you can’t drive your car down Hamilton Street going 100 miles per hour, because it obviously presents a danger to yourself as well as other people. What’s the difference?"

"Now that Dalton has prematurely opened everything back up, and with disastrous results, it’s time to do the right thing, or this pandemic will be here this time next year. Close in-house church services, schools, restaurants and any business where people are unable to social distance. Require everyone to stay at home and if they must go out, wear a mask. It has been proven repeatedly that these measures will work."

"If all the states would have kept things shut down longer, the virus would have probably be gone by now, but they opened it up and people went wild, like nothing was going on, but they all wanted to keep Trump happy, and he doesn't seem to care as long as he gets his way."

"Baseball players who chose to ‘opt out’ due to concerns and love for their families are my heroes. Wish more people thought about their families and not just themselves as they proceed with their daily routines with absolutely no masks, no distancing. Again it’s all about them!"

"Everyone keeps wondering what has happened to Joe Biden and why he has suddenly just disappeared. The answer is that he can’t talk or walk after putting his foot into his mouth so many times during his last press conference."

"Protesters aren’t so nice when they show up at the Seattle mayor’s house. Karma!"

"There are good and bad people in every walk of life."

"Twitter needs to shut Donald Trump down. He does nothing but lie out there. Mail-in voting is not fraudulent. He is clearly afraid."

"Me and all my friends do not have social divides. Black, white, Hispanic. Of course, we all know the Civil War is over."

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