Today's Forum for July 20

"How would Republicans feel if the Democrats' only goal was to stay in power and they would do anything to achieve it, including disenfranchising millions of voters through gerrymandering and voter suppression and lying about election results so they could stage an attack on our seat of government in order to overthrow an election, execute elected officials who wouldn’t go along with that big lie that every government institution dismissed as the nonsense that it is?"

"The best thing Jack's restaurant makes is commercials."

"What wine goes with fried catfish? In 1970 Boone's Farm may have been the wine of choice, but you won’t see Boone's Farm on the wine list; it has been reclassified as a malt beverage. Like fried chicken, one should be thinking of red zinfandel with the fried catfish. I would probably order cole slaw with my fried catfish, so my choice would be sauvignon blanc. Sauvignon blanc also goes well with asparagus, Brussels sprouts and tomatoes."

"Biden’s tough talk against cyberattacks from Russia has done nothing to stop the onslaught of ransomware and hacks hitting the U.S., according to cybersecurity professionals. One fault of the Biden administration’s policy is that their approach appears to be again reminiscent of the Obama administration in that they had meeting after meeting to consider the issue but never made any decisions. And when you don’t make a decision that amounts to a decision, in some ways, that always leads to bad results."

"Trump was the best president we've had in several years. I voted for him twice and I'll vote for him again."

"Joe Biden is taking credit for those things Trump already had in the works. Most voters are able to see through this deception. What a poor caricature of a leader he is."

"While we're on the topic of Castle Road, the police should do something about the drivers that speed up and down that road at all hours of the day. The other day a teenager was racing down that street at at least 60 miles per hour without a care in the world."

"This is concerning Mount Pleasant Road up in the north end of Whitfield County. Don't understand why the folks up here have terrible, huge holes in the road that somehow can't be fixed although we pay taxes just like everyone else."

"We have had ample time to get vaccinated and there is plenty of vaccine available. You can go to most any pharmacy or doctor and instantly get vaccinated. There is simply no longer any excuse for not getting vaccinated. If anyone is not vaccinated and gets COVID, the hospitals shouldn't have to take care of them. They're contaminating the hospitals."

"I was reading the weekend edition of the Daily Citizen-News and you had a letter from Mr. Charles Hyder. I just want to tell you brother that you're right on. That's exactly what's going on. We need to stand up or we're going to lose every one of our rights. I, for one, am going to be standing up. I'll be kicking and screaming all the way."

"Maybe this record heat will keep some of these thugs and criminals out of the streets. Lord knows the blue state mayors and governors haven't done much in that direction."

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