Today's Forum for July 21

Editor's note: In response to Tuesday's comment about Mount Pleasant Road, Whitfield County Public Works Director DeWayne Hunt responded: "I like folks all over Whitfield County; some of my dearest friends live north of Walnut Avenue. No worries, the two pipes will be replaced soon. I apologize for your inconvenience."

"I voted against Trump twice, and I would do it again. His little success was from what Obama left him, and Biden is doing a great job."

"If former President Trump truly cared about his followers, he would publicly be advocating for them to get vaccinated. He himself got vaccinated in January while still in the White House. Check it out!"

"For those unvaccinated, please get vaccinated for yourself, for your family and friends, and for your community."

"It's time to get serious about vaccinations. I really wish our city and county leaders, along with our local state legislative contingent, would be at the forefront of imploring folks to get vaccinated. Only 33% of Whitfield County residents are fully vaccinated. At this rate, we won't get back to 'normal' for years. To our elected officials, it's time to step up."

"Just think of the poor people in this country that could've been helped with the billions of dollars this rich boy billionaire wasted on going on a joy ride to space."

"I just saw the matinee production of 'Pump Boys and Dinettes' at the ACT theater. If you haven't got your tickets yet, the show is great. Great production and multi-talented people."

"Just an idea, but maybe the city and county should consider a buyback program for leftover Fourth of July fireworks. Spare the rest of us. Just for your consideration."

"I see in the paper where we're having another park. Surprise, surprise. Another place to walk, another walking trail. Why don't somebody do something for the elderly people who are living in destitute measures?"

"We pay our taxes to have our streets to drive on and not for parking. I turned left on Northview and right on Cumberland and there were 12 cars parked on three streets. If these people had to pay a fee to park on the street we wouldn't have to pay so much tax."

"Whoever put that in about speeders on Castle Road, well, we've got speeders on Winwood Drive. They speed like there's no tomorrow and they're just going down the darn street."

"Congratulations to this young man David Garcia heading to West Point. That's quite an accomplishment and I'm sure his parents are extremely proud of him, and they should be."

"If Stacey Abrams is the next governor of Georgia, I'm moving to South Carolina. Does anybody want to go with me?"

"To the reader who critiqued my Cracker Barrel comment, your menu choices are interesting, however, I don't think your gourmand palate is going to get much use in Dalton. Thanks just the same, anyway."

"Could somebody give me an updated list of the United Way's give a book, take a book boxes?"

Editor's note: The list of the Little Free Libraries can be found at

"Great article by Christine Flowers on Wednesday's Viewpoints page about critical race theory. It is dangerous. Please, if you haven't, read that article."

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