Today's Forum for June 10

"I know it is impossible, but why not a Joe Biden/Ben Carson ticket this November?"

"The officers who arrested George Floyd must be held accountable for their excessive use of force and callous indifference to his distress. But the many charges of systemic police bias are wrong now and also when it started during the Obama years and it remains so today."

“To the riders of the loud motorcycles and drivers of the loud trucks and sports cars trying to drown out the protest speeches at City Hall by revving your engines as you circled the block, we were able to hear anyway.”

"If your response to a peaceful march celebrating black rights is to wave a Trump flag at me, you've told me everything I need to know about you and him."

"As a middle-age white guy from Dalton, it was a privilege to march with the Black Lives Matter protesters Monday evening. The kids are all right."

"The last sentence on page 8A of the protests sums it all: 'Don't talk about how peaceful we were. Talk about how angry we were.' Gives insight to perhaps future agendas?"

"How are Johnston's actions during the Civil War at all relevant to the statue today? Why not talk about the statue being erected at the height of Jim Crow, or how it presided over the lynching of A.L. McCamy a few years later? Why give any credibility, at all, to the idea that a statue celebrating a general who fought to preserve slavery has any place in modern life?"

"People worried that moving a statue will make us forget history will be delighted to know that the Dalton-Whitfield County Public Library is less than a mile from downtown and has hundreds of books on history and numerous other topics of note!"

"The Dalton City Council should stop wasting time worrying about a statue and focus on important issues. Why don't they try and fix the economy, reduce unemployment and work on things that will truly make people's lives better?"

"Anyone offended by the Johnston statue needs to get a life, and the rest of us need to get serious about stopping the insanity and march/protest against the demands of the people that will ultimately destroy this country if we continue to cave to their demands. God knows we can't count on any of our illustrious elected officials as they have proven to be worthless on anything of late."

"I don’t think 200 people (some did even live in Dalton) should be the ones that decide whether or not statues are removed in our city. Also, anybody who thinks we don’t need police is a fool. I have had problems with police in Dalton but even I realize we still need them. Another thing, immigrants don’t need any more social services because they already get too many while the elderly are left poor. And we need ICE to get the illegal ones out!"

"All of these athletes who make a ton of money have the right to disrespect the flag by not standing during the national anthem. I also have the right to stop supporting them by not watching their games and buying their stuff. You exercise your right and I'll exercise mine. If enough people stop supporting you, that will cost you more than it does us."

"Tattoo parlors are open, nail salons are open, when are doctors' offices going to open?"

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