Today's Forum for June 11

"Our great vice president went where she needed to go. She went to where the problem is created. But unfortunately some of you spend way too much time looking at Fox and Newsmax."

"If you are that upset about the postal service just look at what tried to kill it. Trump and DeJoy, and so far Biden hasn't been able to get rid of the latter of the two. But he is working on it. Unfortunately, by law he can't fire him."

"A New York Times editorial board member recently said she was disturbed by all the American flags she saw displayed in New York. I have a suggestion for anyone who does not like seeing American flags displayed in the United States: Get out and don't come back. Have a nice day!"

"It was good to see more people coming to Marjorie Taylor Greene's defense in the Wednesday paper."

"If Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn't do anything but get under the skin of Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy, she'll be doing enough for me. It's about time somebody gave those people a hard time, and she's just the one to do it."

"You liberals and you RINOs can cry about Marjorie Taylor Greene all you want, but the cold, hard fact is you have no one that's going to beat her in the next election so you might as well get used to it."

"I just went all over Dalton trying to get my oil changed and everywhere I went they were covered up."

"This is to the comment about the person liking hearing chickens or roosters crowing in the morning. She enjoyed that when she lived out in the country. Well, you need to move back to the country. I don't want to hear no rooster crowing in my subdivision at no 4 o'clock in the morning. We've got that right not to live with farm animals."

"This is for the RINO comment about John Kasich being qualified to be president. He's not qualified to be a dogcatcher."

"Went into the store today and there were five people, counting the clerk, and me and the clerk had a mask on."

"To the person who didn't like Trump's policies, maybe you're not putting America first."

"Please, no more dollar stores. The north end of the county has been overrun with dollar stores. We need some good restaurants and some good shopping places."

"A person who makes $174,000 a year but won't help her aging grandmother in Puerto Rico fix up her house, instead choosing to blame it on President Trump, it looks like we're going to have to come up with stricter requirements for people running for Congress. I'm not sure what that would be, as long as it favors Republicans."

"Yes, I voted for the Biden administration and I would do it again. Biden 2024.''

"An Arizona state trooper flipped a pregnant woman's car over in the middle of the interstate at night. The woman had her hazard lights on to signal that she was looking for a spot to pull over but the stretch of interstate they were on had no shoulder to pull over onto."

"One of the depressing things about living in an area dominated by Republicans is that there is no discussion of policies that might help regular folks. It's just tax cuts and culture wars. What happened to you guys?"

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