Today's Forum for June 12/13

"I would like to recognize the compassionate care provided by Dr. Star Gregory of Zutilla Pet Clinic. I had an old mutt that someone abandoned in our neighborhood several years ago. He eventually developed heartworm and I had to have him euthanized. Dr. Gregory gave him a sedative and had me take care of the paperwork at the front desk. When I returned to the room, Dr. Gregory was laying on the floor beside him with her around him! It is evident that Dr Gregory cares deeply for the animals she serves. Thank you Dr. Gregory for being such a compassionate and caring person."

"The Whitfield County Schools estimates a general fund balance of $31.4 million at the end of next year. What that really means is that they plan to end the year with a $31.4 million surplus. Either spend the money on the children and the teachers or reduce our taxes!"

"Critical Race Theory is racist and divisive, yet it is being pushed and taught in academia, corporations, the news media and even in our military. United we stand, divided we fall."

"It is four days after the D-Day anniversary and the U.S. has 64% of the population vaccinated against COVID-19. Whitfield County has around 25% fully vaccinated with upwards of 30% with at least one shot which is about average for the old Confederate states which brings down the national average. So, it has become obvious that no matter what excuse you are telling yourself and others for not having the shot or not using the platform you have to encourage everyone you can to get the shot, you are not getting the shot because you are a supporter of the former president. Face it, own it."

"Trump's policies were not America first, they were Trump first — and when you support someone who tried to obstruct democracy you continue to put him above your country. Period."

"To whomever said that we need new requirements for those running for Congress as long as the requirements favor Republicans, what is wrong with you?"

"What made Kamala Harris think she was going to get a warm reception in Guatemala? Has she never heard of Nixon's 1958 trip to Venezuela in which people threw rocks at the presidential motorcade and they had to go back to Washington early? I don't suppose these people ever pick up a history book."

"I read the Forum every day just to read it. I don't respond anymore because it's all confusing. But I must let people know that if they want to see something on TV, watch 'Father Knows Best.' The good old days."

"Go Braves, and take the Falcons with you!"

"During President Trump's presidency, the U.S. was No. 1. Now with Biden running this country, we're just part of the crowd."

"I adore Dick Yarbrough and his column. He studies rotten politics and describes real-life issues beautifully. He's my favorite columnist. Just skip over it if you don't like it. You don't have to read it."

"Well, you say John Kasich is not qualified to be a dogcatcher. Neither was your friend Trump, and look at all the damage he's done now."

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