Today's Forum for June 13-14

"The only way for total equality in this country is to eliminate all government entitlement programs. No free anything. Make everyone work to have a home, food, pay for education and medical. That’s what most of us have had to do. No welfare, food stamps, reduced housing fees, free lunches for our kids, free medical, free education and the list goes on. Generations living on welfare and thinking they deserve what they do not work for is the biggest problem in this country."

"I hope all of you read the Walter Williams column in the June 10 paper and paid attention to its content. He is my hero."

"I was going to Home Depot Wednesday morning but the parking lot was jammed and I saw no one going in or coming out was wearing a mask. I did not go in. I had lunch at Kelly's. Only a few people were wearing masks while going through the line, and customers were not even practicing social distancing. We need a major campaign to get people to wear masks and practice social distancing!"

"Nobody holds tighter to a participation trophy than the South."

"If your only knowledge of history comes from driving by a statue, I feel sorry for you."

"Stacey Abrams is at it again, blaming Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and the Republican Party for all the problems experienced with the recent election in metro Atlanta. The county commissioners in each of these counties manage and supervise all elections. Fulton County commissioners have four Democrats and three Republicans, and DeKalb County has six Democrats and one Republican that administers all these activities. Maybe it’s just another Democrat quandary."

"Dalton Things on Instagram has become the propaganda arm of the Whitfield County Democrats! Don’t call yourself a meme page when you’re clearly a political hack."

"Since Dalton no longer picks up glass, and there is nobody at the transfer station to be helpful as to where to put things, I'm just going to start throwing it in the garbage because I don't know what else to do."

"Please don't move Gen. Johnston's statue. He did more for Dalton to keep the Yankees from burning down and tearing down Dalton than anybody else. Please don't move it."

"Most people generally just want to hear their own narrative repeated back to them. True on both sides of the fence. It limits freedom of expression, and it limits the thought that maybe both sides could be wrong and there might possibly be an alternative to the right or left."

"Please have the road department paint stripes at the intersection of Vista and Gillum. We have to sit through three rotations of traffic lights to be able to turn left onto the bypass from Gillum Drive."

"If you're going to take the statue down, take every one of them down from sea to shining sea."

"I'm sorry. If anybody in this country isn't sickened by these antifa people taking over an area in Seattle then you're not an American. You need to leave the country."

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