Today's Forum for June 16

"To the people who are demanding the removal of the Gen. Johnston statue via marches and online petitions: Marching and signing are the easy parts. Investing time to dig into facts, work through issues and seek solutions is the hard part. So far, all you've done is demand other people do the hard part."

"Perhaps Mr. Colbaugh from Gainesville who is critical of the Dalton City Council and the possible move of the Johnston statue would benefit from more knowledge regarding the situation. The City Council did not initiate the possibility of moving the statue, the city does not own the statue and there are legal considerations."

"'Noted white supremacist Sherman?' Sure, if you discount that he fought and won a war to free the slaves. Seems like a rather major point to leave out. Maybe that's what passes for critical thinking in Gainesville, lacking as they do a college of Dalton State's stature."

"We should have a statue of Sherman downtown to thank him for not burning the city. How else will we remember it?"

"This statue is responsible for the problems of the world."

"No, statues are what you think the truth is about history. Slavery was/is wrong, the statue is, too."

"Waving the Confederate flag at people marching for black lives while huddling around a statue of a defeated general. Kinda seems like you are making the marchers' point for them."

"Perhaps the city of Dalton could have a special SPLOST election in the near future. If it passes, the funding could be used to remove the statue of Gen. Johnston."

"I just want to thank all the protesters. Now we will see if COVID-19 is the real deal."

"The number of people in Dalton who refuse to wear masks in public is truly astonishing. If people would comply with this simple request, it would go a long way toward defeating COVID-19."

"Dalton and Whitfield County could care less about recycling. You also cannot find a place in this county to dispose of sharps containers. I was told by the health department to tape them tight and throw them in the garbage. That is far from proper disposal. But this county lives by its own rules."

"NFL stands for 'Not For Long' as far as I’m concerned."

"I would rather the U.S. not have an NFL any longer than to see the players kneel during our revered national anthem. However, if this does occur, I and several million other old men like myself will never be watching or reading about them anymore in the future."

"These professional sports leagues should shut down for an entire year. Make these coddled athletes get real jobs, then see how much they miss their wealthy lifestyle."

"I was raised and educated on the east side of Whitfield County. I'm a proud graduate of Eastbrook High School. I unashamedly voted yes for the last two SPLOST referendums. I am a senior citizen according to my age, not my abilities. Shame on anyone who doesn't see a need for the Riverbend recreation center. I buy local vehicles, groceries, gasoline and support mom and pop places of business whenever possible. You should, too."

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