Today's Forum for June 17

"I went to vote at 7 a.m. on Tuesday. Several people were ahead of me and in the booths. After they finished and tried to cast their ballot, the machine would not accept it. A call was made to the person in charge, who told them that no tech person was at work yet to help them figure out the problem! If voting starts at 7, and new technology is used, why couldn't a tech person be at work to resolve issues? Are they volunteers or paid? Voters were told they could either wait to cast their ballot or leave it at the precinct for them to cast when they got it fixed. After waiting a few minutes, I left. Based on my experience, I'd give them an F."

"Those who want the statue of Gen. Johnston moved should pay for the removal. Put your money where your mouth is."

"Removing the Johnston statue to the Huff House or a former Civil War battle site, really? Who do these people think they're kidding? Johnston's statue still smacks of reminders of bigotry no matter where it is relocated. It needs to be 'shredded.'"

"The quote about the Johnston statue being a 'rallying point' for 'go to Chattanooga' and 'get something to eat' is one more reason the statue needs to go. Many of us were not privileged enough to be included with the groups that did these things. Not Gen. Johnston, but his statue is a reminder of the haves and have-nots of Dalton."

"I think MLK Jr. was a man with a message that needed to be heard and there are people who perceive him to be wrong. Most towns and cities have a street named for MLK. Should those be renamed because of some perceptions?"

"My father worked in downtown Dalton when I was young, many years ago. Maybe early on I thought Gen. Johnston was a hero. But as I learned more about the Civil War and him, I came to realize he was not a hero but a loser who spent most of his time retreating. Gen. Lee was adamant about not erecting statues that would further divide the nation. He was right."

"Let's face the truth, these flauntingly armed individuals who claim to be present only to ensure protection of a statue are actually there for one reason — to menace people of color in our city. This menacing of protesters and those casual passersby with weaponry and its implicit threat of violence is unacceptable. The blood which will spill here shall rest in the hands of our city officials and the police leadership for allowing such hatred to go unchecked."

"Things would be simpler if some people would just admit that they don’t recognize any form of protest as legitimate whether it be kneeling or marching."

"Every day it now appears that our police forces are being caught up in a violent crossfire. If they are simply forced to defend themselves, they then risk being punished or prosecuted."

"I have an idea! Since we have all but outlawed the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools, why don’t we discontinue the practice of singing the national anthem at sporting events. That way, we won’t get all upset about players taking a knee. Play ball!"

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