Today's Forum for June 19

Editor's note: This is a response to Wednesday's comment regarding the disposal of sharps. Amy Hartline, the recycling and education program coordinator for the Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority, said: “Due to their medical usage and difficulty, sharps are not recyclable anywhere locally. They do still need to be properly disposed of. The advice to tape them tight in a rigid container and throw them in the garbage is considered the safest and most proper disposal option if generated by a single-family residence. Ideally, you can use a FDA-regulated clear container or can reuse a dense plastic container such as a laundry detergent bottle and label the container yourself. For more information, we recommend visiting Blood banks, clinics, dental offices, etc., must follow the biomedical waste rules and can contact the Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority for more information if needed.”

"I suppose you could say, as one Forum contributor did on Tuesday, that Sherman being a general in the Union Army means he fought against slavery. But that would certainly make you about as wrong as a person can be. It is this type of simplistic, black and white thinking (devoid of any attempt at critical analysis) that has caused much of our present disagreement and discord. Read, investigate and apply knowledge from unbiased sources (they exist). And for goodness' sake, think before you say things like that. There were/are plenty of racists to our north."

"How about instead of trying to change Dalton, y’all move?"

"While we’re finally having a discussion about the racist imagery in downtown Dalton, let’s consider a name change for Whitfield County! I think a great option would be to change the name to Sharpton County after the civil rights activist the Rev. Al Sharpton."

"I’m just asking when they stop picking up my rubbish and yard clippings how much is my tax bill going to drop? If they charge me $30 will there be an offset in December when I write my check? Maybe they should enforce that only those of us paying for the service actually get the service."

"Why was Marjorie Greene given an audience at the Dalton City Council meeting regarding a local matter? She doesn't live here."

"Anyone watch the Dalton City Council meeting this week? We were treated to a lovely three minutes from the 'celebrity' Marjorie Greene. Somehow the mayor forgot to remind her to state where she was from, too. Glad our local officials are willing to let out-of-town hired guns use council meetings for political stump speeches. Not only that, she showed up unprepared, looked unprofessional and misstated the general’s name. I cannot wait for the Republican Party overlords to push her into office."

"Mr. Blevins seems to admit in the last part of his letter that the proposed hate crime bill is based on behavior, not just what someone thinks or wears on Facebook. For example, in the case in Brunswick, after shooting the man twice with a shotgun as he lay dying the last words he likely heard were '(expletive) (expletive).' The behavior of saying those hate-filled words along with the organized way the 'hunt' was conducted is the part of the crime that pushes it to another level. Many laws are written in a similar way. Assault, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon; breaking and entering, armed robbery, murder 1, 2 and the list goes on. They are all based on behavior provable in court."

"Why is it a problem if the LGBT community gains legal status under Georgia law? That should be celebrated!"

"I am not a fan of President Trump but I totally agree with his speech Monday morning."

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