Today's Forum for June 2

"Just finished reading the tribute to Tyson Brown and I read every last word. What an amazing soul! Although our paths never crossed, I sure wish I had had him in my circle of friends. To his many friends and family, just know, reading his story touched another stranger's heart."

"Regarding the arrest of a CNN news crew that was arrested in Minneapolis on live TV. I guess we’re now a police state when the police arrest members of the 'free' press. Outrageous! Every U.S. citizen should be alarmed!"

"Police are arresting news crews and firing rubber bullets at them all across the country even when they’re not standing anywhere close to the protesters, and they’re not afraid to do it on camera because they know they’ll never be punished for it. This is why the government is losing the consent of the governed."

"To 'another sad, old Vietnam vet.' Shep was lucky to have a handler that loved him so much. A donation has been made in memory of Shep to the Northwest Georgia Humane Society. Thank you both for your courage and your service to our country."

"I would vote for the SPLOST if it included bulky trash pickup for county residents, even just every other week."

Editor's note: Money from a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) can only be used for projects, not for ongoing maintenance and operations.

"If they are in Washington and have an 'I' by their name it is time for them to stay home for good. Drain the swamp, make them get a real job."

"Here's some tax data for the person who says that paying the city's high taxes should allow them to put trash at the curb and have it picked up. The Dalton city school system taxes us a total of 21.925 mills which includes bond payment for the new school. Whitfield County taxes Dalton residents at 8.812 mills. The city of Dalton taxes us at 6.205 mills. These rates are all on a 40% basis."

"I would wear a mask if I could find a store selling them."

"We all make mistakes. I make mistakes. We make mistakes as parents. We make mistakes in just about everything that we do. You then compound the problem when you don’t confront the mistakes that you make and you create greater consequences for yourself and others because of the choices and decisions that you make after you make a mistake. Hopefully, there has been an eventual learning experience for all you who voted Democrat last time."

"For those who continue to quote MLK as a way to discredit the protests and riots, let me remind you that he also said, 'A riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear?'"

"Telling people to not vote for president is one of the dumbest things I've heard."

"One of these days, this coronavirus mess will be over and we will go back to our regular lives and act like nothing ever happened. We need to be vigilant and remember this, one of the darkest times of our lives, and strive to make sure this never happens to us again."

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