Today's Forum for June 20-21

"If you’re sick, stay home! If you’re out in public, wear a mask! Whitfield County infections for COVID-19 according to the Department of Public Health on May 17 were 180 cases and six deaths. On June 17, Department of Public Health midday report had 637 cases and 10 deaths. Stop listening to politicians and start heeding the advice of public health officials. The rates in Whitfield County and the U.S. continue to climb."

"We need a major effort by the people of this city to wear masks in public and social distance. Masks are uncomfortable but show consideration for your fellow citizens. Following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines will prevent the spread of this terrible pandemic."

"By removing all images of black people from products in stores, aren't these companies practicing racism? Think about it now. If there are no black people represented on any products we buy in stores, doesn't that go against the whole equality issue that black people are raising now? Isn't that racist? Just something to think about."

"With more than 118,000 dead I guess Trump doesn’t want to talk about COVID-19 anymore. He wants to talk about his lame police reform asking the police to 'please' don’t strangle anybody or shoot unarmed people in the back."

"I will gladly put money towards moving the statue to a proper historical site if it helps make other humans feel more appreciated, loved and respected."

"How about instead of trying to keep Dalton stuck in the past, y'all move?"

"To the person that said instead of trying to change Dalton to move, people who were born in Dalton and continue to live here have as much right to be here and to express an opinion — obviously different from the caller's thought. It is a free country and you can say what you want so that's what we're all about here. So I'm staying."

"Regarding changing the county's name. You can tell one side has lost the argument when they need to start calling incendiary comments into the Forum to try and make the other side look bad. It's obvious what's going on and who is doing it. Sad."

"Kudos to the city of Decatur which removed a Confederate monument from their courthouse Thursday. They join a long list of cities that understand these artifacts belong in museums and not in public places where they were put in the height of Jim Crow. Hoping the city of Dalton will be brave enough to follow the trend and be on the right side of history."

"The six words near the end of the national anthem should be reason enough for people of color to take a knee. 'O’er the land of the free ...' Until those words are true for everyone, we should all take a knee and quit blaming the victims."

"If the current statue debate was a golf game, our elected officials would have to visit the pro shop before being able to tee up."

“'Why was Marjorie Greene given an audience at the Dalton City Council meeting regarding a local matter? She doesn’t live here.' Good question, the same could be said for those demonstrating who don’t live here."

"Being a resident of Dalton is not a requirement to address the City Council. Anyone can speak at a meeting."

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