Today's Forum for June 23

"Although Democrats and fearful hypochondriacs want to prolong this COVID-19 game through the election, this local nonsense at the closed bank lobbies needs to end before customers are totally fed up. If we can go in restaurants, liquor, food and hardware stores, we should be able to go into banks for more complicated business. Thank you to the one bank branch with an open lobby! I am more concerned about the spread of socialism than I am of the COVID scam."

"Those of us who wear masks are not doing it for show. We’re wearing them to protect ourselves from all the careless, thoughtless people who are not. This virus is spreading fast in our area. Numbers are up every day. Unfortunately, we have restaurant owners who think only about how much business they can get. Money is more important than people's lives. Social distancing or wearing masks are not part of their vocabulary. Sad!"

"Marjorie Greene is running for Congress in our area. Could that be why she was given an audience?"

"Marjorie Greene leaves the 6th District because she can’t win, doesn’t even live in our 14th District — she lives in Alpharetta. She has many racially charged videos out there. Her own party has denounced her and we as a voting bloc are OK with this? She only wants to go to Washington. She cares nothing about us. Not a fine representation of Northwest Georgia. We won’t say anything about the spectacle at the city council meeting. Hopefully we are not going to allow her to be our representative in Congress."

"Images of black people on products isn't the problem. The problem is that they are usually depicted as people in lower rungs of society such as kitchen help and cooks wearing white aprons. They are pictured with very dark skin coloring and with women being overweight looking like Mammy in 'Gone With the Wind."

"The South isn't going to rise again in the form of a Civil War that left permanent scars on our country, so time to put these statue relics of perceived glory days to rest."

"Here's an idea: Great Britain boarded up the statue of Sir Winston Churchill to protect it from harm. Why can't our city officials do something similar for Gen. Johnston?"

"Whatever you say or do will offend someone. So keep quiet and stay in your room. Oh! You just offended yourself. Sheesh! Can't win, can you?"

"Where is the best place to buy fireworks?"

"I know there are many people that don’t like President Trump. Unfortunately, the Democrats have chosen to give us a flawed alternative. Because of the pandemic Biden continues to escape any real vetting. His true mental and physical health are being glossed over in a rush to push him on the American people. I am personally almost his age and in excellent physical and mental shape for my age. As a longtime senior manager even I have to admit that I would not be capable of handling the rigorous challenges every president faces. I fear if Biden is elected he would become nothing but a puppet leader and in no position to fulfill any campaign promises."

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