Today's Forum for June 24

"I enjoyed Dick Yarbrough's column about Father's Day. Like Dick Yarbrough's father, my late dad was not touchy-feely, no hugs and kisses, but we knew dad and mom loved us. He was a good, Christian man. No foolishness, no drinking, never heard a cuss word. Dad and mom lived through the Depression and dad was a farmer. They both worked hard and were very frugal. They saved enough to leave some of us kids some money. Happy Father's Day in heaven, dad."

"Actually, money in a real way is about people's lives."

"Let's replace Uncle Ben with Colin Kaepernick and watch the conservative concern trolls have a meltdown."

"Nobody ever talks about Trump's mental and physical decline because how could you tell?"

"Our country has got to wake up and stop this lawlessness. I wish someone could explain to me how Francis Scott Key had anything to do with oppression of Black people. It's ludicrous, it's crazy and it's got to be stopped. It's lawlessness."

"In the Democrats' effort to purge public spaces of historic symbols associated with racism and oppression, Nancy Pelosi ordered the portraits of four speakers who served in the Confederacy to be removed from the Capitol. What she failed to mention was that of those four, three of them were Democrats and one of them came from the Whig party. For you Democrats who have no idea about history, Google Whig Party to figure out what it is."

"A couple of years ago when they started tearing down statues, President Trump said where does this end. Are we going to go tear down Washington and Jefferson's statues and other founders of this country? Everybody laughed at him. All the fake news made fun of him and his comment and look what happened. Now they're tearing down George Washington statues and Jefferson statues. It's not about the Confederacy. It's about turmoil and destruction of the country."

"Gen. Johnston did more for Dalton than anybody else. He kept the Union troops from tearing it up or burning it down. Please don't move it or take it down."

"If you want to know why this coronavirus is hanging around for so long, just take a look at Donald Trump's rally in Oklahoma and you'll find your answer."

"There's an open conspiracy in the world and it's called the war on truth and the war on God and goodness. Its tact is to make what is good and decent to look narrow and bigoted and wrong and what is indecent and deviant to look normal. Its tentacles reach right into the Supreme Court. You can read about it in Psalms 2 and Romans Chapter 1."

"It is two weeks before the Fourth of July and people are out here shooting these fireworks and they're booming and crashing and making so much racket that you can't even go to sleep. People have to go to work. We have to get up and be at work really early. Something needs to be done about this. These officials that ease up on this created a monster and now people are taking advantage of it. Please do something about this noise."

"With all the talk about defunding, abolishing and disarming police departments, I’ve started watching reruns of the TV show 'Gunsmoke' just to set the mood."

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