Today's Forum for June 26

"The people that think that COVID-19 is a game or a scam need go and talk to the people that have it or had it and see if they say it’s a scam. Talk to the doctors and nurses who treat these people. See if they think it’s a game. The virus is for real, and killing people. Hospitals are loaded with the COVID patients. Look at the statistics. This isn’t fake news. Dalton’s cases are rising every day because people don’t believe the virus is real.”

"A mask is a stupid hill to die on. So many have refused to do this simple thing and now we have the second spike as predicted. The longer we insist on living dangerously, the longer this will plague us. I am angry and sad because this carelessness continues to rob me of the things I love most: seeing my children and grands, traveling, meeting with groups, going out to breakfast with my treasured friends, volunteering and singing with the choir."

"Living in a community where most people take their cues from a president who will say or do anything, including sacrificing their health, in an attempt to stay in power, guarantees that we will be dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for the long haul."

"This is concerning the statue downtown that they want to remove. I just want to say that's not going to erase history and I feel like the voters should have the right to vote if the statue comes down or not. People need to rally together and they need to vote on whether it should be moved. We cannot erase history."

"I was somewhat concerned about Wednesday's letter to the editor. The writer suggests proposing, recommending or suggesting in the form of a proposal. Unfortunately, the powers that be would have ignored it. It takes a lightning bolt to hit them over the head to effectively get anything done especially where racial injustices have taken place."

"History: the Johnston statue was erected in 1912. Somehow Dalton was able to survive without it for 47 years after the Civil War so let’s try another 47 without it now and see if anyone misses it then."

"Johnston did not keep the U.S. Army from destroying Dalton. The moment he retreated to Atlanta they set up shop here, and didn't destroy anything. You need to get your history from some place other than statues."

"I would much rather see statues removed than our Constitution destroyed by our president which is happening daily."

"Dear commissioners, pay raises should only be based on individual merit or cost of living adjustments. The cost of living adjustment should not exceed the federal governments percentages."

"The city doesn't want to merge with the county to consolidate services and save money. The county doesn't want to consolidate with the city in order to save money. We may have too many children afraid of someone else playing in their sandbox."

"Why would the commissioners bother with data to back up any of their decisions?"

"Way to go Charleston! Another Confederate monument erected during Jim Crow has been removed. Waiting for Dalton to do the right thing."

"If you were surprised to learn about the Whig Party, you should check out Nixon's Southern Strategy!"

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