Today's Forum for June 27-28

"So proud to call Will Scott my pastor and First Presbyterian my church home in Dalton. While many of our local clergy have remained silent on the issues of racial injustice and inequality here, in our own community, I believe it is imperative that those with a pulpit use their voice to speak out and acknowledge their own privilege. It's time for Joe to find a new home."

"I wonder how Pastor Will Scott will feel when they decide to take down or remove the current depictions of Jesus that aren't politically correct. He has some bend to him, so I'm sure that's fine, maybe we can rewrite and reinterpret the Bible to suit today's political ideals as well. I would be afraid if this were my pastor. Glad he is not."

"A 'debacle' is defined as an utter disaster. So far in 2020, we have experienced: the impeachment debacle; the Brexit debacle; the coronavirus debacle; the economic debacle; the police brutality debacle; and, the re-write history debacle. Can’t wait for hurricane season."

"According to the ABC News headline, 'Trump zeroes in on base to overcome reelection obstacles.' At this rate, because they follow his approach on COVID-19 by not wearing masks or social distancing, there won’t be a base left come election time. They’ll either get sick and finally believe the scientists or die, thus rendering the opportunity to vote impossible."

"It's déjà vu all over again. Same time last year the county commissioners, without advance notice, voted a 2% raise for all county employees and they offered the same reasons — specifically, they had talked about a raise during budget meetings many months prior, the public could have attended those meetings and it's OK to amend the agenda at the last minute. So disappointing."

"Let's review. About two years ago, Chairman Laughter approached then Mayor Mock suggesting the county and city look at the possibility of combining their recreation and fire departments, but Mayor Mock declined. Today, Laughter opposes the fire department study proposed by Mayor Pennington. Chairman Laughter and then Mayor Mock had years to work out a new Service Delivery agreement as required by law. Nothing happened and the city filed a lawsuit. Pennington took office and got it resolved."

"In response to the person complaining about the fireworks, it is not only fireworks but the loud cars all during the day — even through the night — that disturbs me. I have complained about this for years to the point that I gave up because it simply does no good. Our officials apparently do not care about having a noise-polluted town."

''I have done without professional sports for so long, I couldn't care less if they ever return. Just give me college football and high school football and that will rock my world. Go North Murray!''

"I am sick and tired of people who think their offendedness trumps my right to say what I think. If you don't like what I say, don't listen. You are not going to rule my life, just as I am not going to rule yours. Grow up!"

"I didn’t have to Google the Whig Party, but I’m glad that you learned about them. I think that Speaker Pelosi is to be commended for removing the portraits of the speakers who served in the Confederacy, regardless of their party affiliation. Maybe she 'failed' to mention that because it didn’t matter. They fought against the United States of America. Period."

"Several studies show that the severity of coronavirus outbreaks in a community parallels the percentage of people who get their information exclusively from conservative media."

"All Americans want and deserve law and order."

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