Today's Forum for June 3

"Local pastors, would it be OK if Trump has peaceful visitors on your front porch tear gassed by the U.S. military for a photo op with an upside-down Bible? Would it matter if it were you? Your children? Your mama?"

"The same people who just one week ago thought it was tyranny for the government to say you couldn’t go to a nail salon during a pandemic are now cheerleading for curfews and military occupation of American cities."

"You said you’d wear a mask if you could buy one. Well they are available on Amazon. Better yet, make your own by cutting up an old shirt. No excuses!"

"Really, if the city just did a better job of publishing the rubbish pickup schedule, and allowed us to create a pickup request in SeeClickFix, 90% of the issues would be resolved."

"I am so happy to see that Dalton is finally doing something about the litter on our streets. I have lived all over America and I've never seem so much filth. I am so thankful that Dalton is going to do something."

"Way to go Joe Biden! Latest quote: Police should be trained to shoot'em in the leg instead of the heart."

"The group that organized the march in Dalton made public claims about Dalton listing issues with corruption, the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office, undue influence and lack of economic diversity. They marched in Dalton — which is not patrolled by the sheriff — and presented their list of demands which call for not arresting people caught with less than an ounce of marijuana and not cooperating with ICE. Say what?"

"Thank you Dalton for having a peaceful march. Thank you, thank you."

"Susie Brown is my hero."

"Kudos and many thanks to the organizers of Monday’s march to the courthouse, the forward-thinking college students of The Southern Advocacy Group, local citizens like Susie Brown, City Council members Annalee Harlan and Tyree Goodlett and the Dalton Police Department for ensuring a peaceful demonstration guaranteed citizens by the First Amendment of our Constitution. This was a breath of fresh air in this time of so much violence elsewhere. The event did much to calm fears and give hope for positive change."

"I would like to ask all of the mainstream media why are these people destroying other people's businesses that have nothing to do with the tragedy that happened? It's unbelievable."

"I never make mistakes. It's always somebody else's fault."

"The battle between Trump and Twitter gets more absurd with each passing day. He started it and now he can't take his own medicine."

"Watching all of these protests in all of these cities with hundreds of thousands of people in crowds and everything, me and my wife were just wondering where do they go to the bathroom at?"

"When a government does not respond to the needs of the most needy and it bleeds into the majority, you get disruption in the streets. No castle will be safe."

"I am fed up with these cellphones and cellphone services and I am very seriously considering going back to a landline phone. These things, you can't even rely on them anymore."

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