Today's Forum for June 30

"Let’s disregard over 150 years of lynchings, murders, beatings, slavery, cruelty and social disdain; but, for heaven’s sake, let’s make sure the protesters do not use/misuse one single word in their quest for reform. The atrocities that precede the protests are/were unbridled, but addressing them seems to require very specific behaviors, and one word like 'demand' somehow becomes the deal breaker to change."

"I can tell these local protesters the easiest way to have their 'demands' met: Vote!"

"Sure wish all you naysayers who won’t wear masks or social distance themselves, who continue ignoring this pandemic, especially restaurant owners who continue to leave their doors open and fill their restaurants to capacity, volunteer to help care for all the sick with this virus. Healthcare workers put their lives on the line to care for the sick because of your carelessness. After all, you’re all safe. It can’t happen to you!"

"It looks like Whitfield County is on a course to surpass 1,000 cases of coronavirus within the next week, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the actual numbers of positive cases are 10 times higher. What is it going to take to get people to recognize the seriousness of this disease? Not wearing masks and not social distancing only indicates that you’re not responsible enough to take the steps necessary to help end this nightmare. It’s not all about you, it’s about the health of everyone in the community."

"How do dead people and those who are intubated on ventilators 'open up the economy'? Why does dead traitor statue worship matter more to the president than does this?"

"Leave the Joe statue alone, if you're not from Dalton you should have no say so."

"The letter to the editor on the trash pickup was very well said. We need more pickup, not less!"

"Georgia unemployment checks are extended. That just means another few weeks of vacation for some who chose not to work."

"Three or four months ago I wrote in the Forum that I thought President Trump should resign and give his party time to get a good replacement before the election. Now I think even more so that I was correct. It still may not be too late. I’m sure Mr. Pence could get a good running mate quickly. I fear the GOP and the morals of America are on thin ice."

"You’re a bit naïve if you don’t think they will come for your religious statues and Bible history."

"Europe has officially instituted a travel ban on Americans due to our government failing to do anything to halt the spread of coronavirus. Thanks, Donald."

"The only raise Whitfield County employees get is the COS raise. There are no incentives for stellar work. It’s the main reason why I’ll be looking for work after the virus economic recession improves."

"Confederate statue defenders talk about these monuments as if they were textbooks. They weren’t put there to teach history. They were put there so Southerners could thumb their noses at the Union while intimidating and reminding ex-slaves of where they were. I’d like to know how much history resides in the heads of those with Confederate flags flying from their pickups."

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