Today's Forum for June 5

Editor's note: In response to a comment in Wednesday's Forum about refuse collection in Dalton, the Public Work Department submitted this information: "The refuse collection schedule/map is conveniently published here on the city’s website: Citizens can conveniently schedule their own pickup requests through the SeeClickFix app or via the city’s website here: in addition to calling us at (706) 278-7077."

''Trump to pull GOP convention from North Carolina shows how much he cares about people's health."

"More cities are now removing 'Confederate' monuments (most actually erected in the 1920s as intimidation tactics) from their downtown business districts and moving them to museums where they make more historical sense. Gen. Johnston will not survive in downtown Dalton. It may not be in our lifetimes, but this statue will eventually be moved to the Confederate cemetery where it belongs."

"If the trash is being picked up and the right of way is getting mowed, you won't need a calendar to know it's an election year."

"ABC, CBS, NBC and some cable networks love to qualify comments by President Trump with 'there is no evidence to support.' Seems to me they should do the same prior to anything said by their so-called reporters. So much of what is reported as fact is nothing more than opinion. Most of the rest of their reporting has the facts twisted to support their own biased view."

“Watching all theses protests in all these cities, you wonder where they go to the bathroom. Are you for real?

“'When a government does not respond to the needs of the most needy and it bleeds into the majority, you get disruption in the streets. No castle will be safe.'” The above quote was called into the Forum. What is the expectation? We have Medicaid, EBT, Section 8 housing and free public education. Where does personal responsibility come into play?"

"When the police violate a person’s civil rights, the government should immediately donate 5,500 flat screen TVs."

"People sincerely and legitimately demonstrating about the horrible death of George Floyd do not indiscriminately destroy the businesses and livelihoods of their neighbors."

"Well, I hope you have all taken heed of what your life will be like without laws and proper law enforcement. If you haven't, you better review the videos of the destruction. Is this what you want? I don't think so."

"I literally laughed out loud when I read the Forum submission suggesting that the Democrats should have learned from the mistaking of not voting for Trump. How can anyone in their right mind watch this three-ring circus taking place in D.C. and think it’s a good thing? Yes, this Democrat has learned that no matter how naked the emperor is, it will be trumped by people too blind to see, too uninformed to recognize the truth and too angry to be represented by a decent person. If you need examples of decency, examine Trump’s decisions and go for the opposite. With almost 100% certainty, that will be the decent path to take."

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