Today's Forum for June 6-7

"Anybody see that report on the economy on Friday? Things are looking up for us as a nation and we have our great President Donald Trump to thank."

"Keep doing what you're doing, Mr. President. You are doing a great job. People need to support you instead of constantly tearing you down."

"Trump had peaceful protestors teargassed so he could stage a five-minute photo op in front of a church without permission, during which he managed to hold the Bible upside down and scowl like a petulant teenager. You really can't make this stuff up."

"One more example of how insensitive President Trump is to the needs of the people: He wouldn't have the flag lowered at half staff for the memorial and funeral services of George Floyd."

"Is the city ever going to update its website? It's looking more dated than the Admin 2 building!"

"I voted the other day using the absentee ballot. My goodness, that was so darn easy. No lines, no nothing."

"You know you're old when you remember seeing Joe Namath play for Alabama and now he's doing Medicare commercials. Where did time go?"

"Are there any moderate GOP candidates in Georgia?"

"Anti-statue people think you can change the past by removing the statue. Not likely."

"I saw a real act of kindness this morning. My neighbor's garbage had not been emptied, rolled down the hill and some had spilled out. It was pouring rain and when the garbage truck came by, the sanitation worker got out, picked up the garbage, took the garbage can back up the hill and then emptied it in the truck. I would say that is real service from a kind man."

"Would somebody come up to Whitfield Place and make arrangements to test people for the virus? A lot of us do not have a way to get to the places to get tested, and it certainly would be nice."

"Hey Mr. Editor, I challenge you just once to have a positive article about Donald Trump in your 'In Other News' section. There has never, ever been anything positive about Trump in there. It's always negative. Are you becoming one of those left-wing newspaper rags?"

"I'm very interested in seeing how the SPLOST vote shakes out. Outside of stories in the newspaper and comments in the Forum, we haven't heard hardly anything about it."

"What is more contagious? The coronavirus or stupidity?"

"Is it absolutely necessary to have so many darn commercials? It's just one after another after another just as fast as they can shoot them and I'm sick of it. I'm fixing to have this thing taken out."

"Count me among the growing number of people who don't care if we have professional baseball this year, or from here on out, for that matter. Billionaire owners are arguing with millionaire players over who is going to get the largest piece of the pie. Why we tolerate this foolishness is beyond me. You've lost a lifelong fan for life."

"I sincerely hope that every person who is out protesting takes the time this November to vote in our presidential election. You can make your voice heard on the streets, but your voice is even louder at the ballot box. Please vote."

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