Today's Forum for June 9

"If your political campaign is so weak that months or years of hitting the pavement is undone by a water bottle on Election Day, your campaign was useless to start with. Go home."

"The first concert at Burr Park was outstanding. The bands were fantastic and everyone seemed to be having a good time. There were a lot of people there but it wasn't so crowded that you couldn't get space between people. Bravo to the organizers, the performers and the attendees!"

"This is about all of the people that talk about the chickens, the trucks and the backhoes that park in the yards. If you think that's bad, just drive off of East Morris Street on Pine Hill Drive and look at the mess. People have been fighting that for 25 years. It's absolutely a mess on Pine Hill Drive. Just take a trip out there and look at it. See how you like the looks of that. We can't get nothing done about it."

"Dick Yarbrough has nothing to say, so why is he in the paper?"

"Is it really creating new jobs when you're simply filling old jobs that were either lost of surrendered?"

"In my recent comment about Trump's high energy level, I made no mention of Marjorie Taylor Greene. You shouldn't add things to people's comments that weren't there. But since you brought it up, her problem is not her energy level, her problem is she's out in outer space."

"The only solution to the MTG problem as I see it is to put Whitfield and Murray counties into another district. That way she wouldn't have the benefit of our vote."

"I'm not going to be quiet about your comment, because you said, 'Kinda quiet there, aren't you?' Marjorie Taylor Greene makes Maxine Waters look like an enlightened genius."

"Marjorie Taylor Greene is the best thing to happen to Washington, D.C., since Ronald Reagan. Now get off her back."

"The person who thinks a Democrat has a shot of beating Marjorie Taylor Greene in this ultra-red district is badly mistaken. I would like to see this person put money on that happening."

"I never liked Trump's policies, and at the end of these four years I won't like anything about him. Never have, never will."

"It is Saturday, 5:30 p.m. Sitting here looking around. The U.S. mail has not run yet in the Tunnel Hill area and they got new vehicles. I wonder what their excuse is now. What did they do? Take on more routes? I have a little question about that. A lot of other people up here are bugged about the mail delivery up here, too."

"The way AOC constantly attacks this country you would think she would move somewhere else."

"I tried to watch a movie on my Roku today. I picked several that I thought would be OK. But I have never seen so much politically-biased, brainwashing nonsense in my whole life. That's all they have on here. Every single movie I chose is nothing but brainwashing, political stuff from the Democrats."

"We have a crisis at our southern border so Kamala Harris goes to Guatemala to offer them billions of dollars. You voted for this administration, you got it."

"In response to the comment in Tuesday's Forum, I'd rather have a bully in charge that puts America first than a teleprompter fossil catering to the liberal agenda."

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