Today's Forum for June 9

"Do you have family or friends in area elder care homes? The lockdown stopping your much-needed visits was the right action at that time. However, as depression and loneliness increases among residents now, is it still the best course of action for your relatives and friends? Maybe it's time to call facility managers to talk about this."

"Your driving on the road puts me at risk. Do you just not care about my well-being?"

"It’s sad that you are laughing while the democratically-run cities burn. You’re not paying attention!"

"You didn’t mention the garbage company. I’ve seen Trinity Disposal Service workers numerous times get out of the truck and pick up trash that hit the ground. Can’t say the same for the other trash pickup company. If it hits the ground that’s where is stays."

"From Trump’s lack of adequate response to COVID-19 and his attack on social justice by calling in the military against U.S. citizens, to building additional barriers around the White House when we need a leader who can promote peace and calm, does no one else see the necessity to invoke the 25th Amendment? He is unstable at best and 'off the rails' at worst, all leading to disaster for Americans."

"To the person who said we need to support Trump instead of tearing him down: Perhaps he should set a better example for us. He is one of the most negative and vindictive presidents/humans I’ve ever seen. Unlike so many Christians who have suddenly stopped caring about the character a president displays, I actually want someone who at least makes a pretense at loving their neighbor while holding a Bible he clearly doesn’t read. That gives me very few options for a politician I can wholeheartedly endorse, but it makes it impossible for me to support this guy."

"Colin Kaepernick has his opinion and I have mine. They just aren’t the same. I was surprised to see a whole page devoted to him in the weekend paper. I’d rather see a whole page devoted to Walter Williams."

"The people who erected Confederate statues were actually the ones to 'change the past.' Please spend 10 minutes reading up on when they were placed and by whom. Google the ‘lost cause movement’ since your history teacher failed you so miserably."

"The statue belongs in the Confederate cemetery or in a museum. This is not 'changing the past' but correcting historical context for future generations. What if we had a giant statue of a peacock in the Confederate cemetery?"

"Removing statues cannot replace history, but they remain a constant reminder to people who have been downtrodden in the past. By the way, the statue of Gen. Johnston in downtown Dalton needs to go also."

"Drew Brees apologizes for saying he is a patriot and would never disrespect our flag. Well, he just did."

"Twelve years later and I'm still waiting for the Republican replacement for Obamacare."

"God bless George Floyd, his family and all the peaceful protesters. God’s curse on all the instigators of looting and violence, looters and those groups and politicians, media, and left-wing groups using this moment in history to further their own agendas."

"It seems to me that the reason the paper does not refer to positive articles about Trump is that there are no positive articles, and since the Daily Citizen-News is legitimate journalism it does not publish lies like some less than legitimate news sources do."

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