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“President Biden should get credit for bringing the price of eggs down so quickly. He made omelets great again!”

“It’s nice to see Republicans suddenly care about the environmental impact of unchecked greedy, capitalist, miserly profiteers. Welcome to the rest of normal society!”

“The last time Democrats cared about working people was when JFK was president, and most of the people griping in the Forum probably weren’t even around then.”

“The Fox News channel is to news what professional wrestling is to sports. It’s difficult to understand how the same people who can comprehend that professional wrestling is fake, and not a real sport, cannot comprehend that Fox News is fake and not real news. The consequences of this disparity are exponentially different. While professional wrestling is a harmless form of entertainment, fake news is an existential threat to our country.”

“I hate to keep bashing Donald Trump (no, I don’t). You can tell by the way he talks, and his facial expressions while talking, he thinks he’s God’s gift to planet Earth. Personally, I think he is a self-centered brat who would do anything to get his way, wrong or right.”

“What happened to Christine Flowers? We miss her and her uplifting thoughts.”

Editor’s note: Since we eliminated the second Viewpoints page in the weekend edition, we don’t have space to publish her column. If we have space in the future, we’ll try to fit in her column. In the meantime, you can read her columns at

“When a nation turns away from God the devil takes over and he’s working overtime in the U.S. right now!”

“Once again, the state of Georgia doesn’t reflect the will of the people. While other states are making money on sports betting, they’re blowing hot air discussing it. and as to whether they would require a constitutional amendment, there’s a simple answer to that: Ask the state attorney general.”

“Anyone wanting to know about Stephen Hawking can listen to ‘Big Bang Theory’ weeknights on the TV and Sheldon will tell you all about him.”

“Recently I had to be in Chattanooga to take care of some business. In a space of four hours I went through five or six intersections that had roundabouts. It was so nice to not have to sit at long red lights. Let’s see, how many are there in Dalton? You get my point.”

“Boxing. The object is to render your opponent unconscious and you win. Tennis is you hit this little yellow ball to where your opponent is not.”

“The key word for a big part of President Biden’s staff is unqualified.”

“The cartels have been overflowing in the United States for years. Now it just took these deaths to bring this all into the open. We need to send Barney Fife over there and nip it in the bud.”

“I am so glad to know that the city is going to go and clean off West Hill Cemetery, especially the lower section. There is such a thing as overdoing it and it has been done over there more than its share. I just hope it stays cleaned off once they clean it off. A grave should be really solemn.”

“Joe Biden and his administration say the border is closed and secure, and I say that’s laughable.”

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