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“May all the homeless living in our town have the opportunity to sing ‘God Bless America’ with pride. We should never forget Lazarus, he desired only the crumbs. Will you give to those in need?”

“I enjoyed the article in Tuesday’s paper about Whitfield County native Joey Jones. His life story is so uplifting and inspiring.”

“Two weeks left of school and bus drivers choose now of all times to strike. ... Strike in the summer with more time to come to agreement.”

“If the Black Masonic Lodge downtown that’s fixing to be destroyed could talk I think it would say ‘I stood by you in your time of need and you abandoned me in your time of greed.’”

“The United States could use some legitimate theater like a coronation instead of all the heavy drama American citizens go through (almost daily shootings, border crises, political squabbles) on a daily basis.”

“The crowning of the king goes smoothly because it’s very clear who the next in line is decades in advance. It helps that the king doesn’t really have that much power anymore. He’s a political appendix.”

“It’s really cool that I can’t get my ADHD medication because the government is worried someone, somewhere might enjoy themselves.”

“Hank Johnson hasn’t made national news in years. Our representative makes national news every time she opens her mouth because it’s usually something idiotic. Someone tell me something positive she has done since taking office because I can’t think of anything.”

“I too looked at the Constitution and nowhere does it say ‘this document should never be changed.’ Funny, that.”

“As I stated, I’m a simple man, and when I read Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution, paraphrasing ‘ratification and/or the amendments process,’ I saw no way that ratification could be superseded or replaced by the phrase ‘living document.’ It appears to me that the recent Forum pundit wanted the Forum readers to replace ratification/amendment process with the phrase ‘living document.’ If the Constitution were a living/breathing document then the document would or should reflect the preferences of the current political majority. ... and don’t forget that tricky phrase ‘shall propose amendments’ ...”

“When was the last time Biden challenged anyone to a push-up contest?”

“In reference to the comment that Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘regularly communicates with her constituents indicating what is going on in Congress,’ are they referring to her tweets expounding on the latest conspiracy theories, her ludicrous investigations, her unhinged outbursts or her make-believe legislation that no one takes seriously?”

“Trump is under investigation for hush money payments to an adult film star, mishandling classified documents, trying to overturn the election here in Georgia, criminal tax fraud in New York and encouraging an insurrection on Jan 6. People will still vote for him because of the party, not the person.”

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