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“Thank you to the couple that paid for a couple of nurses’ dinner at Logan’s. That was so sweet and so thoughtful. We did appreciate it, whoever you are.”

“Who’s responsible for the busing mess? Someone needs to lose their job.”

“The new extension to the hospital is great, going to be really good, but what are they going to do about parking? Parking now is not that great and when they build that new addition what are they going to do about parking, they need to think about parking, especially for people who have health problems.”

“The Republicans on the Georgia Public Service Commission that regulates utilitiies have voted to give Georgia Power a 12% increase. I think we need to vote those Republicans out.”

“No new soccer field, no aquatics center. Take that millions of dollars and spend it on smaller classrooms and teach our children how to read and do math and science. That way we’ll have educated children that can be professional adults instead of having athletes that can’t spell their name.”

“Joe Biden needs to cut his social programs. We have to have a budget so why doesn’t the U.S. government have to have a budget?”

“Even with the socialist and evil wolves biting at his heels Donald Trump remains 100 times the leader Sleepy Joe will ever be. The reason is simple: He loves America and believes in the ideals that made this country great.”

“I realize that what I’m fixing to say is an altogether different thing from Marjorie Taylor Greene but let me ask you, what have your local legislators done in Atlanta? You don’t never hear a whimper out of them, all they’re doing is collecting your money.”

“How do you like Obama’s third term now?”

“One thing you can say about President Donald Trump is he did not hide out in his basement.”

“The Republican war on gun laws is going about as well as the war on drugs: having the opposite of the intended effect while making the underlying problem worse, but too many people are making too much money to admit they are wrong.”

“This goes out to my friends and neighbor seniors. OK, we made a mistake believing the biggest liar ever on the planet. He did one good thing, appointing judges. Just like another mistake we made, MTG. Of course, we want to fight wrongs. But for the love of God we don’t need crazy. While he was the president this country was nuts with his love for Putin and Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Both are fascist states, which is what Trump wants to make America. Never let him near the White House again!”

“Regarding David Bean’s criticism of Ronald Reagan, Reagan was the best thing to happen to America in 50 years when he was president. I was working at UTC (the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) when he spoke there in 1987, and I was living in Los Angeles when he came back from Washington in January of 1989. They gave him a homecoming fit for a king, because he was. and 34 years later England has King Charles and America has Joe Biden ... What a difference an ocean makes.”

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