Today's Forum for May 22

"Let's not trivialize the word hero. One's job position does not define a hero."

"For the writer saying 'I can’t make myself any clearer than that.' Please try! You are aware that yellow fever is not a communicable disease, right?"

"Those of you who seem to still be in an Obama trance and wish for Joe Biden to be our next president, simply because of your continued hatred of President Trump. Granted, sometimes he can be a little vulgar, crude and undignified. I just do not care, because he always stands up and fights for our America and has surrounded himself with very competent people. Before coronavirus, we were experiencing historic low unemployment, record economic growth and unbelievable U.S. stock market record highs. If you are among those wishing for a free everything for everyone, just elect Biden for the big, real surprise and disappointment of your life and you can expect very much higher taxes to pay for all those freebies."

"I find it amazing how many are so upset over wearing a little mask. But don't mind the government telling you that you have to wear a seat belt. Both are for safety."

"I am one of those seniors on fixed income. I would much prefer the 1% sales tax over an increased property tax. Sales tax everyone pays and does not hurt those of us on fixed income near as bad."

"Amazes me at how many people I have talked to that are against the SPLOST, yet they don't have a problem going to Chattanooga to buy everything and pay 9%-plus sales tax. Anyone else see something screwy there?"

"It must be nice to be a SPLOST opponent. The economy is good? We can't risk hurting it by passing SPLOST. The economy is bad? It would be irresponsible to pass SPLOST! Even if it started raining money, these guys would be against the SPLOST because the reality is they just don't think that it's the government's job to improve the city for its residents."

"Did the math. The proposed SPLOST has a total of $25 million for parks, trails and recreation equipment. We'll get by just fine with our existing rec facilities, parks and trails while so many people are hurting financially. Sales taxes hit poor people the hardest."

"Remember, folks, that the maintenance and operating costs associated with SPLOST projects come out of the county's and city's operating budgets. Pretty sure our regular operating budgets are going to be strained. Doesn't seem smart to further burden property owners and businesses right now."

"The level of historical ignorance you'd have to have to claim Trump is being treated worse than Obama is stunning. It may be time to turn off your TV and read a book."

"You could always try organizing a community cleanup day for Lakemont Drive."

"I totally disagree with the Forum caller who said 'Obama is the voice of reason at this time' and that he had to deal with many problems in the world. Obama has been quiet since he left office. Interesting that now that more ugly truths about his using government agencies to prevent or destroy a president are coming out that Obama has chosen to speak. It is no surprise that he has nothing but negative comments to say about our president. Obama was a globalist who divided our country."

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