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"While Joe Biden obviously has his continued ongoing problems with his frequent gaffes, he also has a history of his conveniently failing memory to recollect the many negative moments that have occurred during his time as U.S. senator and vice president. These are some of the many things that just don’t bode well for his potential presidency."

"This is a free country. You are free to not wear a mask to protect others from COVID-19 and the store owner is free to exclude people who do not wear masks in order to protect their employees and other customers. The Constitution is not a suicide pact."

"Our elected officials are obligated by the oath they take to protect the citizens who elected them from danger. We do not allow people under the influence of alcohol and drugs to operate a vehicle in public. Likewise, people who disregard health protocols during an emergency should not be allowed among the rest of us who do."

"Despite repeated advice from the CDC and strong recommendations from our governor, not one employee at a local home improvement store had on a mask or practiced social distancing. They congregated together and made little effort to distance themselves from patrons. Customers were not much better as few wore masks. A piece of tape on the floor won’t cut it. With these kind of attitudes, don’t expect this pandemic to go away in our area soon. Costco is totally the opposite as all employees wear a mask and customers are not admitted without one. The facts are clear — masks markedly reduce viral transmission."

"This is a response to the letter criticizing people who don't think it's the government's responsibility to improve the city for its residents. We have enough government interference on all levels the way it is. Also, many of us are just not into sports, trails, parks and recreation equipment."

"Oh pooh. The Forum commenter who thinks he/she understands why people oppose SPLOSTs is missing the mark. I am not opposed to the government improving our community. I am opposed to unnecessary spending and ill-thought-out projects. To illustrate: Last year's plan to spend well over $20 million on a fancy, new county administrative building has been proven to be political pork. Because the SPLOST failed, three floors of a downtown building are now occupied by county employees, and other employees are successfully working from home due to COVID-19."

"Whatever happened with that commuter rail study from a few years back? I remember a couple of community meetings and then ... nothing."

"The Forum should be divided into two columns: fact-based comments on the left and Fox News-based comments on the right."

"The number of the Trump administration’s aides, donors or advisers who have been indicted or imprisoned is 14, and counting, while the number of the Obama administration’s aides, donors or advisers who have been indicted or imprisoned is zero."

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