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“So the bus drivers get their big raises, their paid vacation and ... we still have to deal with heavy traffic or dropping our kids off in a parking lot ... sorry, a community drop-off location? That’s one heck of a union you’ve got there.”

“I hope there’s an extra hot place reserved for those people who throw large metal pipes off bridges along the interstate onto innocent and unsuspecting drivers or passengers in cars passing underneath. I can’t comprehend what brings someone to do that.”

“If you think the roads are bad in Whitfield County maybe you need to visit some of the counties in Tennessee that border us in North Georgia. I go there often and I can tell you they are awful. Try I-24 from the downtown area to Moccasin Bend, it is a disaster.”

“In the weekend paper I saw that you wrote about Jim Brown, which was great until you get to the end. We’ve all got to leave this world here but for the man to put in there he was arrested a half-dozen times, mostly for hitting women, that’s disrespectful. You should have never put the article in there. The man has done passed, he’s gone home with the Lord, and the man who wrote it, we who are reading it, one day our time has got to go home and be with the Lord. And I pray they don’t put nothing in the paper like that about you, or anything negative. He done paid his dues. God is to judge, not you.”

“Forget Trump and Biden. Sen. Tim Scott from South Carolina is definitely a positive candidate for president.”

“To the commenter who said that Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘tells it like it is,’ can you explain what ‘it’ is?”

“Marjorie Taylor Greene says ‘white supremacist’ is just as bad as the N-word. She literally said one out loud and not the other. This tells us that they aren’t the same and that she is an idiot.”

“I have to treat people whose lifestyles I don’t approve of with basic human decency at work, which is why we should impeach President Biden!”

“No, you didn’t see Trump riding bicycles. What Trump was doing was making decisions with the other world leaders, not out here riding a bicycle. If he wants to exercise, that’s fine, but do it when you’ve got some spare time, and with the world like it is right now I don’t see how he’s got time to ride a bicycle. Biden needs to be in there doing something to make this world a better place, this nation, but it ain’t going to happen because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

“To a comment in Saturday’s Forum which read and I quote ‘we don’t need crazy,’ then please explain why we have him sitting in the Oval Office.”

“That was a very good comment made by the person who can’t get his ADHD medication because the government is scared to death somebody, somewhere is going to be enjoying themselves. But you notice they don’t stop the sale of alcohol, nor do they close the cigar bars, because this is where the elite have their fun, and heaven forbid we wouldn’t want to do anything to stop the elites from having a good time, just the common people we want to stop.”

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