Today's Forum for May 29

"The Dalton-Whitfield County Public Library Facebook DIY videos are great! Thanks to Miss Jessica, I am learning to paint, sew, crochet and make crafts without leaving my home."

"I, too, feel the pain and loss that the 'sad, old Vietnam vet' feels about his dog Marko. I was in Vietnam at the same time as a dog handler. My dog was Shep. As with all the war dogs, they all had an ID preston brand/tattoo number in their ear, or left hind leg. I use Shep’s number as part of my email address today. I will never forget him. Another sad, old vet."

"Come on, people. Vote for the SPLOST. The county needs the proposed improvements and you can only tighten your belt so far. It’s the fairest tax there is."

"To vote for the same old people and expect different results is the definition of insanity."

"Summer camp for kids during this pandemic is totally insane!"

"Congratulations to all of you people in Dalton who are too selfish to wear masks or practice social distancing, we just exceeded 300 cases of coronavirus."

"Don't understand the mask controversy. People have worn masks for years at Halloween and have fun doing it!"

"I do not wear a mask because I cannot get one on. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my hands are deformed and also cannot raise arms normally. I have tried but after five minutes I get mad and quit."

"Loved your editorial on Jeanne! She was one of the most enthusiastic people I have been blessed to know. Bernice Spigel! Dalton has been so blessed to have the carpet industry bring us so many gifted, enthusiastic citizens."

"The Monday night fatal encounter between Minneapolis police and a black man, George Floyd, who was lying face down and handcuffed and repeatedly saying that he couldn’t breathe is certainly tragic and those involved need to be held accountable. The despicable burning of buildings, stores being looted and innocent people being attacked because of ensuing racial riots that are occurring certainly does not make the case for justice. The ABC and NBC television networks who continually show very graphic videos of this incident certainly share an enormous responsibility in having caused the resulting riots."

"If there was anywhere to shop in Dalton, there would be no driving to Chattanooga, Atlanta or other places. Dalton has no decent shopping stores. Never will have."

"This comment is in regards to the front page about what the city will and won't pick up. I think the city of Dalton needs to remember the high property taxes we pay and give some consideration to picking up these items for those people who are just replacing something. I understand if someone is going in there and rebuilding a house and a contractor is making a lot of money, but the average citizen has a right to put certain items outside their home in the city, pay the taxes we do and expect it to be picked up."

"The news media would get more respect if they would stop saying things about Trump that they wouldn't say about themselves."

"You're talking about Obama dividing the country. Hold on before you get too far out there in left field. This country has been divided since 1776. So please don't say that because it shows a lack of knowledge and understanding when you say that."

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