Today's Forum for May 5

"The Greatest Generation: born in the 'Roaring '20s,' came of age in the Great Depression, young adults during World War II, built interstate system as well as other infrastructure, took medicine to get rid of polio and many, many other diseases, supported the rest of the war-torn world, and paid up to 96% top tax rate to pay for it. Apparently the thing they did not do well was raise good children and grandchildren. Enough of our generation can't even look past themselves to take a darn shot in the arm to get to 'herd immunity' from the worst pandemic in history. Sorry, sorry."

"Mr. Wingfield, maybe when you start suggesting there be an income requirement for school vouchers I might agree with you. But I am not interested in handing out money to rich families to help cover the cost of private school. In this town, that is exactly who would benefit. In most towns that’s who would benefit. Make it available only to those in modest and poor income brackets and perhaps I would listen. Otherwise, just hush."

"Hey people, I don't want me or my family to die from a head-on collision because you are responding to a text with a LOL. Put the phones down and drive."

"Someone posted yesterday about drive-thru etiquette. They said they need to pull over or go inside if they have a big order. Look, you're in your car, in a line. It’s no different than being outside your car, standing inside the restaurant, standing in that same line. Why don’t you go inside, if you don’t want to wait? There is nothing stating that the drive-thru is some magical express lane for your satisfaction. If you were behind me inside the restaurant, would you tell me to go outside and go through the drive-thru instead?"

"An older person I used to know, who died in 2015, has received a request for money from Marjorie Taylor Greene."

"I agree with this person talking about Joe Namath talking about Medicare all the time. Not only him, but all the others. I thought that was supposed to stop after so many months. We know now what to do. It's been told to us enough. It's time now that they took it off the air and do something else. It is so annoying."

"Ossoff needs to quit wasting his time coming to North Georgia. He doesn't represent us conservatives here."

"I've had the warranty on my car advertised to me many times. The last time they called me I told them that I'd like to purchase a warranty for my walker. They hung up on me."

"This is for the person who said they didn't want Biden coming to Georgia. Speak for yourself. I love him here. It's not all about you."

"Recently, I purchased some insurance with a company that's headquartered in Dallas. It's so refreshing to talk to them on the phone. When I ask them if they're covered up, they know I'm talking about work and not being under a bedspread. They are true Southerners. Sadly, I can remember when we had some of those in Georgia."

"One of the worst things to encounter is midday to get to an off-site ATM location for your bank and to have the driver ahead of you to let you know there's no money in the ATM. Banks need to keep up on this stuff because people don't have time at lunchtime to run all over the place to get some cash."

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