Today's Forum for Nov. 10

"The Biden administration and the Democratic Party continue to harp and labor the point that they expect us to believe that they can clean up the Earth and its environment. Yet they can’t even clean up their own cities like San Francisco and Portland which are overrun with homeless and garbage."

"So, the GOP knows that Trump is not good for America but back him anyway, just so they can win."

"Your Atlanta Braves? It seems they are everybody's Atlanta Braves now."

"With regard to people living in apartments, I've lived in apartments and now we own our little home. I'll have to admit, living in an apartment does have its advantages. You don't have the expense if something tears up. Your landlord does take care of that. However, when you own your place it comes out of your pocket and it gets to the point when you're on a fixed income that can be costly and you have to really, really know how to pinch pennies in order to get things done. There are advantages of having your own place, yes, there are also disadvantages. There are also advantages to living in an apartment, too. You can't, as the old saying goes, have your cake and eat it too. It goes both ways."

"The media is generally the bully pulpit for the liberal intelligentsia. It does nothing but preach to us and our children. It's a phony gospel, a counterfeit of the real. It sounds good on the surface but has no depth to it. It's always about conformity and putting on a really big show."

"The TV news says Biden's approval rating is 38% and Harris' approval rating is 28%. I'd like to know who those people are that are approving of them."

"Regarding these 13 Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill, you better start raising a lot of money because the RNC is going to target you and go after you like a coon hound on the trail of a rabbit."

"I'll be glad when that RINO Liz Cheney is finally kicked out of office."

"Where are all of these high-paying jobs that were promised to the workers when the Biden administration shut down the Keystone pipeline?"

"Biden must have slept through his American history class. He has no concept of how a democracy is supposed to work. I believe the airline CEOs must have been in the same class with the same teacher. They don't know either."

"George Foreman needs to stick to selling hamburger cookers. I think he knows something about hamburgers. I don't think he knows anything about Medicare."

"Most politicians, when faced with something controversial, would let the next person worry about it when they were going to leave office in two months. But when you have the intelligence level of someone like Bill de Blasio, none of the old rules apply."

"So let me get this straight. You say you're tired of Obama campaigning for Democrats because he's a former president, but it's OK for former President Trump to go out and campaign for Republicans, and other Republicans can do it but the Democrats don't have a right to go campaign for other Democrats. That's what I'm understanding about the person that said he's tired of Obama campaigning for other Democrats."

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