Today's Forum for Nov. 12

"Please, Dalton, please get your vaccines and booster shots before the cases of hospitalizations rise again because of being indoors and close to loved ones during the triple holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. For your own sake, act while there is still time!"

"Last week, Rupert Murdoch, the executive chairman of Fox News, required all of the guests who attended his 90th birthday party to have nose swabs and proof of vaccinations for COVID."

"This is for the people who keep ridiculing Trump. Perhaps we can send Trump to an island like Elba where they banished Napoleon and keep him under armed guard 24/7. He will be unable to give speeches, endorse candidates or try to run for public office ever again. He will no longer be a menace or a threat."

"Please explain how mask and vaccine mandates are different from requiring that children must be vaccinated before being allowed to attend school, or wearing seat belts when we are in an automobile, or carrying insurance in order to drive, or dozens of other things that are required of us to protect ourselves and society."

"The most exhausting part of the Forum is having to get a Fox News CliffsNotes to have any idea what half the commenters are talking about."

"Someone was complaining about price gouging sports tickets. Didn't you know the Republicans made that legal? It's called free enterprise capitalism. Now get back to work so the boss can buy more tickets for his family and customers."

"Joe Biden and his administration’s green energy agenda have never had the best interest of America’s wallets in mind. It looks to me as if this administration is willing to sacrifice everything on the altar of moving completely away from carbon-based fuels. They seem perfectly prepared to let consumers pay the continued higher prices, and the feeling from most everyone is that this administration has brought us disastrous inflation and it's here to stay."

"I can remember a time when people didn't like the laws where they lived, they found a place that was more in agreement with them. Now they just go to court and try to change the laws to be what they want. It's any wonder that you can't get a case in court quickly because all these namby-pambies are bogging the system down with their frivolous lawsuits."

"I'll take Trump's disrespect over Biden's disregard for his fellow Americans any day. He's a sock puppet for the extreme left wing."

"To the commissioner of baseball, enjoy your humble pie and eat some more crow. Go Braves!"

"For the person that said he does not have and does not want Trump as president, speak for yourself."

"I hope Americans have finally realized what these socialist Democrats are all about so we can vote them all out of office in the upcoming races next year."

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